Sunday, March 01, 2009

All things Good

Today we worked on the bathroom to get the sheetrock up on the walls. Now that this is up the next thing to be done is the taping. We went to Lowe's last night to look at tile and other items to see what we can do to update this bathroom. We even found some stuff that we want to do to our bathroom in our master bedroom. That should be fun. Get rid of the bath tub and make a shower only.

On Thursday I went to Jokers Casino and played in the tournament. I ended up in 17th place. I got AA and won the hand when I forced the person next to me in a hard decision. He had 2 pair but didn't want to risk what I had in my hand. He folded the hand even though he had the best hand with 2 pair. My very next hand was AA and again I forced the guy next to me into a hard decision and he folded again. I did get enough chips to help me stay in for a while.

I got 44 and ended up throwing them away when someone raised before me. I also got 33 three times during the tournament and I threw them away and played the last 33 and lost to Q's.

One of my early hands I played was 1010 and I got a 10 on the river for a nice set. Again the amount of chips I got really helped me.

I was looking forward to playing the live game and they decided to have a 2 - 20 game. Not too sure about that. This spread might be a little better since more people may not just limp in with anything. I would rather play something not so much but maybe this will be a better game.

I am reading a book by Tom McEvoy on Limit Hold'em as well as Tournament Hold'em games. I am starting to understand a little bit more on the hands I need to play.

I am trying to get ready for the Spring games at Wildhorse in Pendleton in April. I would like to play a regular tournament this time instead of the Super Satellites.

Having Fun

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