Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Toy

I purchased this new toy last week. I have been trying to load my stuff on the little guy. It is 8.5 inches and travels very well. 1GB of RAM and 16 GB Hard drive. It has a video cam on the lid with speaker. 3 USB ports and a port for a Video Monitor if I want to use it with my bigger screen. It has an ethernet card in it as well. It will be a great traveling companion.

No poker this week. I have been working later trying to catch up at work and studying for the A+ Certification as well. I am trying to take a practice test every night and now reading another A+ Cert Book by Mike Meyers. I will have to go back to Spokane for another day of Videos and more testing to prepare. I would like to get this done sometime within the next 2 months. I hate tests. I have never done very well with them. I usually like 2 answers and find it hard to pick just one. There is always a 50 - 50 chance I will get it right.

I am getting ready for the Spring Tournament at Wildhorse this next month. I have decided not to play the satellite this time and just play in one of the regular tournaments. I will be playing on April 19. I have been reading poker books as well. I haven't played at Jokers in a couple of weeks. I will try to play this week at some point. I see they have a Sunday tournament for $60 and may try that one as well.

Nothing new on the Diabetes front. Still taking 5 shots per day and watching the numbers.

Have a good week.

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