Tuesday, January 31, 2012


During the day I read other blogs. I will read some poker blogs from people that will write about their lives and how they are dealing with the life of poker. This past couple of days I have read from two of them about having balance in their lives.

At that point you can't help but think about your own life and what you are doing. Balancing your poker life and your home life is something that we do on a daily basis. I think back at having a job that requires me to be their working for the bottom line of the company. We basically sell our time for a paycheck and by doing that we give 100% of our energy for the company to make money.

We also spend up to 40 to 60 hours per week doing this. Hopefully you are making enough money to survive all of your bills and setting money aside for the day you can retire.

I went through all of that and when the job was gone I had to think about who I needed to work for and how things would get paid. My wife works hard at her job continuing to work for the company. Myself, I also work but now I work in an industry that allows you to earn on your skill as well.

Dealing the cards in poker has been good and does bring in a little bit of money. It is not the 40 hours per week but it is fine. Where I put my other efforts is in poker playing in the cash games. I am not at the 8 hour per day but will play in 4 or 5 hour sessions two days per week. I am hoping I can get that up to the 40 hour per week. Right now the important part is building the bankroll.

Back to the beginning. Balance in life. For me poker is where I can earn some money whether playing or dealing. Family is also important to me and sometimes I don't feel I spend enough time seeing them. My parents are important as they are going through the senior years with health problems. There are so many things that pull on us that balance is important. Friends, Families, Jobs and our life beliefs need to be thought about on a daily basis.

Have a fun day......

Monday, January 30, 2012


Today is my day off. I have already been to the casino and played the live game this morning. I also played in the morning tournament. So much for the day off.

I was going to play live last night and ended up staying home watching a movie with my wife. It is nice to sit at home and just do nothing.

It really bothers me to sit at a table and listen to people berate the dealers. The last time I checked the dealer doesn't control who gets what when they deal. It is even worse when a dealer is doing it to another dealer. It just lets other people watching this think they can do the same thing. Just not right.

I am getting ready to start my second week riding the bus to work. I have enjoyed the time and letting someone else drive in the traffic. Savings for the month should be about $100 if not more. Will have to keep an eye on that to see what I am actually saving.

Have a fun day......

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Work

Having only one day off at a time during the week does make it feel like your never off very much. Don't get me wrong I really enjoy what I am doing and it is a fun group of people I work for and the players themselves are nice.

I decided to ride the bus yesterday and I knew it might get real close at the end of the day to catch the bus home. I didn't realize how close. I had the opportunity to play in a $1000 guaranteed tournament and I couldn't pass that up. The buy in was inexpensive enough but the structure was a little quicker than I like. I would have liked a few more chips as well. Want, want, want, or is that whine, whine, whine.

I was knocked out of the tournament and as I was walking out of the casino I looked at my iphone for the time. I had four minutes to catch my bus home or wait another thirty minutes for the next one. I got out of there quickly and ran to the bus stop. I did say ran to the bus stop. I haven't done that in a while. I got there with a couple minutes to spare and was able to ride home.

Riding the bus this week was my first experience of using the transit system in our community. I have had a good experience. I bought ten passes and figured if it worked out for me I would buy a month pass. I have decided to go ahead and buy the month pass since the times work out for me and it is nice to just sit for the thirty minute ride and let someone else do the driving. Just like having a limousine taking me to work.

Another plus will be the amount of gas I will save. I have been trying to find ways to cut expenses and this is one of them. One of the side benefits is the fact I am unable to just stop at the restaurants I like to frequent for lunch before I go home. That will save me money as well.

As I have said in the past I watch Live@thebike for live poker commentary and learn from players that play the game for a living. At least some of them. Others play recreationally but they are playing for a lot bigger money than me. I like to sit and chart the hands that are being played by certain individuals. Where they are in position and watch the bet sizing as well. Sometimes watching and charting these individuals I can pick up what they are doing and then try some of them myself. Always learning.

I am going to try something for the month of February as well. I am making the month of February my weight loss month. I would like to get under 200 pounds. I really don't have far to go to reach that but with a little bit of work and determination I can do this. I have been reading Jillian's book. She did some work on The Biggest Looser and I am reading about her life and what she has learned. I enjoy those types of books instead of a diet book saying you have to do this and that and thats all. I understand it is a change of lifestyle.

I have a number of projects I am working on and finding time for them all is one thing that keeps my daily book busy. Well, off to work I go and hopefully play some live this evening.

Have a fun day......

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day Off

Friday was my day off and it was time to clear my desk of the mail that was sitting there. Paid some bills and just basic stuff.

It is nice to get one of these days and my schedule allows for one, working 2 straight and then working 3 in a row. Today is going to be long since we are going to have a 10AM, Noon and then a 3PM tournament. We will go from one to the next and we will be busy.

I started walking yesterday. I walked down to the drug store and back and then in the evening I walked about a mile. I got home and went right to the recumbant bike and put in a 3 minute 25mph ride. I want February to be my big weight loss and I will put the effort into eating better as well as the effort of exercise.

I did stop by the Casino to deliver seat cards that I had purchased for the poker room. Someone had already taken a card and we needed to get it replaced. Glad I had purchased 50 extra cards. I ended up sitting down at the $2-$6 spread game for $40 and ended up loosing that buy in. Mornings are not a good time for me to play and I need to recognize that and stay away from the game. Evenings are better for me and I can concentrate on what I am doing better.

Today I am back taking the bus to work. I like the time to sit and let someone else drive plus I am saving some money on top of that. Anytime I can save money I can put it into my bankroll to help it grow.

Have a good day......

Friday, January 27, 2012

Big Win

Today is my day off. Time to get some of the stuff done for my parents and clean up the paperwork on my desk. This afternoon I will be visiting my Mom in the Alzheimers unit. She is not getting out of bed anymore and the pain meds were increased. As I have said Cancer and Alzheimers together just doesn't and won't give her the chance.

I did my usual dealing yesterday and got through the two tournaments we had during my shift. I am fortunate to have this position and to be able to do what I enjoy doing. Island's Casino is a great place to work and is very friendly. It just feels like an extended family and we are there for each other.

After my bus ride home I got myself prepared to go back to the casino and play some live cash. I like to play on Monday and Thursday night since they are the two evenings I can spend some time.

When I arrived at the Casino they got a $2-$6 game going before the tournament started. These are just short little bits of time to take up some time before the tournament starts and a way to get some rake for the casino and tips for the dealers. When the tournament started I was down $6 and that was fine. I had bought in for $40 and would hold that for the live game that will start after the tournament.

When the live game got going we started it at $2-$10 spread. I immediately bought in for my usual $100, which made my buy in at the $140 level and of course down at $134 from the last game. I immediately took the stack above the $140 level and was just playing the usual cards and playing my game.

I never dropped below my buy in amount for the first 3 hours. I wasn't going up much and not dropping a great deal either. Twice during this time I got pocket Aces and they were both the black aces and I needed the red aces to get the Monte Carlo, and of course getting them cracked, would mean $100 for me. The pot was nice either way.

Then I changed my seat to see if maybe things would change a little bit and I would also sit next to one of the other dealers and we could just talk while playing. At the 4 hour mark I started to see some hands that were playable for me. One in particular was an A8 suited. The players all called around which made it easy for me to just call and see a flop. The flop came x8x. The 8 was the highest card on the flop. I decided to bet and see if I could isolate one player. The next card came x which was a low card again. Another raise and the pot started growing. The river was low again and I figured I was good with the 8 with Ace kicker and bet again. The villain showed pocket 10's.

I did play a couple more hands and lost them as well. I don't get upset but I was a little frustrated. The other players could see what was happening and I was sure that is why I was now getting callers with anything I did. I looked at my next cards and I see KK's. Now this one I was hoping would hold up for me. I raised and got 5 callers. The flop was good for me with one of the cards being an eight. No flush possibility. No connection for straights. On the turn another 8 showed up and now if anyone was playing with an 8 in their hand I was done. I ended up being all in for the river and another low card came.

When all of the cards were shown or mucked I was the winner of the pot at about $200. My pocket K's held up. At one point one of the players asked me if I was upset or tilted. I told them no I was fine with whatever happened. Poker gives to you and sometimes takes it away. Tonight it was my turn to get the big pot.

It wasn't too long after that that the table turned to a $2-$10 Spread Kill game. There were about 5 players at the table that were playing big amounts of money for just about anything. That was my clue to head home with my win. It was now 11PM and I was getting tired as well. Playing for 4 to 5 hours was enough for me.

Now tomorrow I will be back to dealing the games and my next live game will be Monday.

Have a fun day.......

Thursday, January 26, 2012

On the Bus

Yesterday was my second day riding the bus. It is going well. I know one thing it will take care of and that is eating out after work. When I get on the bus I am headed home. I will not have the opportunity to head somewhere else before home and eat. I will miss my sushi or chicken wings. Of course I can make plans and ride the bus extra if I want

I dealt both tournaments yesterday and it went well for me. I try real hard to keep the game going and not have any mistakes. Reading the cards on the board is a little slow for me but I want to make sure I am giving the chips to the right person. I hate killing cards until I am sure of the winner. That is another skill I am working on. Watching the cards and being able to guess what the players are going to turn over. Sometimes they surprise me. That is when I learn a little bit about the player. I can use that later.

Today I will deal again and then tonight my plan is to play some live. I will take the bus to and from work and then after dinner take the truck back to the casino and will play late tonight.

I am starting to study the Introduction to Betting. It starts out saying every bet you make should be made for a purpose. To get your opponent to fold, call or raise. In my game I am trying to take the limp out of my game and raise if I am going to play. The plan is to thin the field and play against one or two players instead of the table. Decision after that depends on texture and if I hit anything on the flop.

Have a fun day.....

Have a fun day......

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tournament Play

Yesterday was a short day for me. I dealt in the first tournament and then we waited for the signups for the $25 deepstack event. We didn't get enough players so it was called off. We did get a live game going and I opted to sign out since the amount of dealers there were not needed.

Remember that yesterday was my first day taking the bus to work. It went well and I am going to continue to use the bus during the week. It will save me money and it was nice not having to drive to work.

I signed up for the evening tournament which was the $65 deepstack. The people that play this tournament are different than the players during the other more inexpensive tournaments. This one for me is a game checker to see where I am at in my game.

I did well in the first three rounds collecting chips and then the cards turned on me and they went cold. After 2 1/2 hours I was out of the tournament with about 30 players remaining. It was just not happening for me tonight.

Today I am back at the usual tournaments dealing. I would like to get into a live game since I haven't played in a while. My usual time was Monday and I was busy surprising my wife with her ride in the Limo.

Have a fun day.......

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It has been about a month that I have been planning this surprise for my wife. I have been wanting to get a Limousine to pick her up from work and then take us to dinner.

It finally started coming together about a month ago. I have a poker friend that owns a Limousine service called "Wine, Cheese & Me". If you go to the website at www.winecheeseandme.com you can see what they have to offer. The price was good as well. It was last week when the calendar was clear for Cindy and I and I told them it was a go for Monday evening.

On Sunday night I told Cindy that I needed her car for Monday as I was going to get service done on the vehicle. She agreed and I took her to work the next morning. Afterwards, I took the vehicle to Red Lobster and let the car sit. Thanks to my Son and his wife for picking me up and getting me back home. At around 4PM I was able to exchange the cars and have my pickup at the restaurant.

I was picked up from our house at 5PM and then we drove out to Cindy's work location. I called her and she came out and noticing the Limo she learned it was hers. It was a good surprise for her. I enjoyed the look on her fellow worker as she was surprised as well. She tried to take a picture but I think it was too dark to see anything. This will have to be in our memories.

We ate at Red Lobster last night as that is one of our favorite places and then headed home in the pickup. What a day and evening it was.

Love you sweetheart.

No poker yesterday as it was a personal day with family for me. Today I am back at dealing. I may play the $65 tournament tonight. We will see how the day goes.

Have a fun day......

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tournament Sunday

I dealt the Noon tournament and when that was done I then sat down and alternated dealing in the live game. We start out with four dealers in the morning and then when we get through the tournament we go down to two dealers and wait for the 3PM Player of the Week tournament to start.

Our other dealers started coming in and I was asked if I wanted to deal or play. This tournament is nice as it is the Player of the Week and the money is good if you can get to the final table and win. I, of course, like the opportunity to play, so I asked to be let off and join the game.

The last two times I have played in this tournament I have gone out in the first round. By not following my own strategies and getting impatient. This time I had goals to meet and I played aggressive when I had to. Being patient was one of my goals as well. My usual goals are to get to the final table, get into the money and then to win the tournament.

I had one person who would continually raise my blind and I had to put him to the test. I re-raised and he would back down. That did help for future play. I did make it to the final table this time. The villain was on my right just where I wanted him. I started chipping up and with one of the plays he tried to get me off my hand with a T$3000 raise and I called him and won the hand.

I was second in chips to the villain on my right when it was proposed to chop at 5 players. It was put on the table to give the chip leader a good part of first place money and the rest would split. I wrestled with the decision on what to do. I decided to go ahead and chop. I was unhappy the villain got a bigger share but happy for the rest that did get money.

I did win one portion in that I told the group the part of the chopped pot was to go to the dealers along with their tips. I always want the dealers to get a good share as well. We do have people that won't tip so anytime a dealer can get into the money it is nice to get the players to put more into the pot.

The other part of the problem was the villian thinking he was a better player than all the rest. I was feeling like I could play with him and was not scared to put everything at risk to force him into decisions he didn't want to make. I will definitely do it again when I have a chance to play him.

I probably will not be playing the live game tonight. I have a surprise set up for my wife and will be anxious to see her face.

Have a fun day.......

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Long Day

After spending 12 hours at the casino on Saturday I was exhausted. I drove the truck home watching the road for ice and when I made it I was not going out again. Home sweet Home.

It was another typical ordinary day. Arrive at 9AM and get the tables set up for the tournament that starts at 10AM. After that is finished we quickly got the tables ready again for the Noon tournament. We finished this one at about 3PM just in time to get the next one started.

We were able to finish this tournament around 5:30 and at that point I was off the clock and getting myself ready to sit down at the Omaha table to learn a new game. I have tried to learn this game in the past but now we have a dealer who has worked at Foxwoods and has dealt this game. She is very knowledgable. She gave us the basics but no strategies.

When 6:15 rolled around it was time to get a game going to see if we learned anything and also to get our feet wet. They started a $2-$4 Limit game and we have seven players. Two people sat down at the table with rather large stacks and they hadn't been at the learning table. We were hoping for a friendly game and being able to ask some questions after the hand played out.

The two individuals that sat down with large stacks immediately started bullying the table. The older lady next to me was so nervous with what was happening she got up and left. It wasn't too long after that I was getting frustrated watching these two players just raising and bullying the table and seeing their chip stacks rise. I thought it was going to be a fun table not just giving our money to these two guys.

I finally got up and another person followed. The game died a little after that. I ended up going over to the $2-$10 Spread game and figured I would have the opportunity to earn some of my money back I just gave away. I sat at the table for a couple of hours and yes I did go away from the table in the positive. Thank goodness for a game I understand. I will try to learn Omaha but will pick my games by who I see at the table.

Today is another day and will start the process all over again. We don't have the 10AM tournament on Sundays and will start off with the Noon tournament. There is a 3PM Player of the Week tournament that is a good one to play due to the added money. After that a day off on Monday. I would like to play my usual Monday night but we will see if that happens or not.

Have a fun day......

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pet Peeves

I am a Spring and Summer type of a person. The last couple of years I have been having some issues with the heat but overall I like that time of the year. Having grown up in southern California I like the desert and not having a lot of rainy days. I would make a great snowbird. Travelling from casino to casino playing in live games and doing some tournaments. It would be fun. Now back to reality.

When it snows I will take it easy while driving. I really hate it when someone in a big pick-up goes tearing by me throwing snow all over and having disregard for everyone elses lives. Just because you have a big vehicle doesn't give you the right.

The other one is the fact our interior roads do not get scraped. Once I get out of the residential areas it seems to be fine but just getting to a main road is hard. If you can't get the people out of residential then you have no one driving the main roads. Every year it is the same thing. We pay the city taxes and what do we get in return. I figure they are thinking that if they wait long enough then they won't have to do them.

Tonight our Casino is putting on a class for Omaha. This should be fun. I have been wanting to learn this game. There are casino's I have played in that only have an Omaha game going and this would allow me to at least play a game and not have to wait for the NLHE game. There will be a game afterwards for the students.

I am now off to work for the the next two days. My Mom is now in bed and sleeping a lot. She does look comfortable and I hope the pain is no longer hurting her. I love you Mom.

Have a fun day......

Friday, January 20, 2012

Let it Snow, Not!!!!

Well, now that we have the snow we need the temperatures to warm up and bring in some wind and then we have a new problem. This is true, we are supposed to get some warmer temperatures now and add some wind. We will see if that happens.

I did get to work yesterday and it was amazing how many people showed up for the 10AM tournament. We had a good turn out for the Noon one as well. Just goes to show that poker players love the game.

I was thinking about how I am doing now that I have been there three months. It seems like it has been longer. I am feeling more comfortable at the table and not as stressed about dealing the cards. I feel my speed is starting to improve. Seeing and reading the cards is getting better and I am starting to handle the chips better with the all ins. Working with the chips in making change during the hand is also getting better. I am watching the hands and moving chips. I call it multitasking and it feels better. I know I have a lot of work yet to get where I want to be. I want the skill level to improve and I feel it will get there.

On the downside to all of this is my time at the tables playing. I try to play on Mondays and Thursday nights. Playing live is where I want to put my efforts. Learning the skill of live is coming along well for me. I can usually hold my own at the table. I am getting more comfortable playing the $2-$10 game. We have stopped the $1-$6 game and will not play it at the tables. It is either the $2-$6 or the $2-$10 now. We have some players that I am getting used to too.

I am not sure what to do about tournament play. I would like to pick one tournament with a good size buy in and with the opportunity to cash and play that to see how I will do. Still working out which one I will play.

Overall I am feeling good about where I am at. Bankroll is intact and now I need to just get it to grow some more.

It would be fun to travel the poker circuit and play. What a dream.

Have a fun day.......

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow is Here

Remember the picture of my truck the other day? It was looking rather dark outside and could snow at any time. Well, it picked last night to come down with the white stuff.

It is snowing hard and it is not done.

I dealt the usual games yesterday and then came home. I did not go back out to play. It was nice to sit at home and just do nothing.

I am looking at taking the bus system to work. I am trying to cut my expenses and that is one way to do it. The other one is to not eat out as much. That one will be hard. Then to add some exercise to the mess. I read about people living on less and I need to cut it down a bit. I already do at times but now I need to get really down to business.

I need to get out there and clear the snow off of the truck so I can get to work. I do not like being cold.

Have a fun day.....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Big Tuesday

Today is the day we have the bigger tournaments. At Noon today we will have the $25 and then at 6PM will be the $65 tournament.

I enjoy dealing the first one due to seeing a better player. I will watch their play and notice the cards they are playing when they are turned over. Of course that does help me in the end when I do get to play.

Last night I headed down to the casino to play some live. I did my usual buy in and started doing well. My chip stack was growing for the first hour or so and then the cards went cold. I was not getting anything to play and then when I tried to manufacture something it just didn't work.

I did stop play at my designated hour this time and was down half of my stack. I had an hour picked out as well as a dollar amount I would end my session with. I ended up reaching the time and I was $5 under my cutoff in money. I did have fun and that was important.

I have been working on my WSOP Academy book studying what I learned and going back through the information. I have finished the part of Pre-Flop play and will work with that in my games. I know decisions are important and also what to look for. Always learning.

Today we are supposed to have snow. We have had wind and I wonder if we are on the edge of the storm and it will miss us altogether. That won't make me sad. I would like to see some warmer weather and know that March is right around the corner. It would be nice to get our heat pump off of emergency heat.

Have a fun day.......

Monday, January 16, 2012

Not Again!!!

After dealing the Noon tournament yesterday we waited around for the player of the week tournament to start at 3PM.

We usually don't get a lot of players for this tournament. It is one of the better ones to play. Yesterday was the most players I have seen sign up for this tournament. Maybe the word is getting around that the money in the pot is better than some of the others. You pay less if you qualified during the week and the opportunity is there.

I try to play this tournament if I am not needed to deal the game. We have 4 dealers on up to the tournament and then at 3PM we add two more dealers. This way we can start to let dealers go home that have been here if the players don't show up. With 24 players signed up we used three tables and only needed 4 dealers.

I paid the buy in and took my seat in this game. Remember last week when I went out early? It happened again. For some reason I must be having a brain fart since I am playing early hands. On the third hand I had AQ. I called to see the flop along with everyone else. I should have raised but didn't. It was too early in the game for me. Not a good decision on my part. The flop comes 8Q3. The person on my right puts in T$1200. I thought about it and figured he had a Q with a small kicker. I had the Ace and so I called. Another player on my left went all in. If she liked the Q then I must have both of them beat. We ended up getting all of the money in the middle. The guy on my right turns over 83 and the person on my left turns over Q10 and then my AQ. I keep saying I should have raised pre-flop.

I deserved that one. I am still thinking about playing the Tuesday night tournament which is the better one. I need to just stick with my game plan and not get anxious to play the hands early. I might play the live game this evening as well. There is a lot of things to accomplish today. Seeing my Mom and taking Dad to the doctors office.

Had game night at the poker managers home last night. We had BBQ and then played a couple of games. It was fun and was nice to be able to visit outside of work. It is a good group of players as well as dealers.

Have a fun day......

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Work

Lately the weekends have been nice. I think the people that are coming in are more relaxed and a little bit more patient with all that is going on around them.

We tend to get a live game going and it will go most of the day. We will put in about 30 minutes apiece and just keep going. We will sometimes end up more in tips playing the live game than what we would have gotten by putting on the tournament.

It is interesting to see who will tip the dealers and who will not. I wonder sometimes why they do that. We will have someone at the table and they will be winning but we don't see any tips from that person. Someone else will win and will always send a toke our way. When I play I will always send tokes toward the dealer even if I didn't win the hand. We all work hard in the box trying to keep the game going.

I played some live yesterday just to make sure we had five players so the Monte Carlo's were available. We had one person that was raising and going over the top on just about every hand. Now, I don't mind loosing some money to the players but when I am a butt in the seat and trying to keep the Monte Carlo's going for the rest of them it is sort of counter productive to keep raising and pushing to get people to loose their chips. I finally got up from the table and wouldn't sit down again. One of the other dealers did the same thing and the game finally died.

I understand we are going to have one of our dealers teach the public how to play Omaha. I will definitely be one of the students. I have tried to play the game and so far have spread $300 to the other players. My education in the game I hope will help me. I don't think I could deal the game but would love to learn to play.

Now we are in the new year we are starting to get tax related mail. I hope for a better year tax wise and maybe get some money back. The last couple of years we have been on the other side of it.

Just about time to head off to work. Got to get stuff together.

Have a fun day.......

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Way to Make a Decision Hard

Having Friday off was nice. I could have a chance to do some stuff around the house. Not. I ended up spending most of my day at the Casino.

Every morning they have their $2 tournament and I decided to go early and get in some live play and then play the tournament. When I arrived they did have a game going but then I found out that on Friday's they do not have the morning tournament. I sat down at the live game and figured I would stay till 11:30 and then go pick up my Dad for lunch.

By the end of the session I was up $70 and I needed to go pick my Dad up from the Assisted Living home before they went into their lunch process. We ended up going to Olive Garden since he enjoys the soup, salad and the breadsticks. When we got done with that we went back to his place and relaxed for a little bit before going to visit Mom.

The visit with Mom went well as she now looks like she is pain free. A little bit more out of it but without the pain of cancer bothering her I think she is fine. She is changing so much with her facial features and the edema is getting more in her hands and arm due to the pressure of the tumor. I will leave it as that.

After getting Dad back to the Assisted Living Apartment I went back to the casino to play in their 3PM tournament. I did get to play in that and made it into the middle of the tournament before I went out. I only played 3 hands through half of the tournament. This just makes me think that I am throwing money into tournaments and I don't like the return. I know I said I would do them for fun but how much fun do you have when your sitting there and not able to make plays.

I was walking out of the casino and ready to go home when I ran into one of the dealers that works the night shift. He mentioned to me that I might want to stick around since the game that is getting started is going to be juicy. I remember the saying if you can't find the fish at the table then your it. I made a you turn and headed back into the poker room and sat down at the live table. I stayed for 3 to 3 1/2 hours and it was a good session for me. I was up $90 when I left. I was up $130 but leaked some chips back to the field.

Overall it was a good day at the table for $160. Now it will go into my bankroll and it is growing. This makes me rethink my thoughts on live play and what I was going to do. Decisions, Decisions.

Have a fun Day.........

Friday, January 13, 2012

Thank Goodness for Friday

It is nice to have a day off from dealing in the tournaments. I do enjoy my chance to learn the skill and will keep at it as long as they will let me do this.

I have been getting better with the all-ins from the table. Understanding how and when to do the chips. I do like it when you have one going all in and just having one caller. Yesterday I ended up having more than one caller and I was able to get the chips broken up properly.

I was dealing at the final table when I had four go all in with different amounts. We were talking big chip counts and one small stack. People continue to throw out numbers to me when I am trying to do it on my own and then I go into mind block with numbers. One of the players said "just let the dealer do his job". It was nice to hear that and even though the others wouldn't listen we had a chance to talk about it when they were gone.

It is hard when you have people continually tell you want you should do. I can block most of it but when it concerns time then it gets harder to hurry and think about what you should be doing.

I did have a chance to sit down with the poker manager and talk some strategy. I appreciated the time and hopefully this will get me back on track to the final table again. The concepts are there just need to work the table. After being out of tournament play for awhile it will take a bit to get myself back to the thought processes I need to have.

I have spent so much time at live play that it is hard for me to go back and forth so I will slow down in live and play more tournaments again. I will try to play the higher priced tournaments since the money at the top is better than the smaller tournaments.

I enjoyed helping a player a few years back understand poker strategy and theory and it looks like I may do this again. I enjoy helping others gain some knowledge and play better. We will see what happens.

Have a fun day.......

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Helping Others

One of the things I really enjoy about poker is the ability to talk to other players about strategy and theory.

I am not an authority on poker but I have done a lot of reading on the strategies and I enjoy watching others play the game when I can. I watch Live@thebike and listen to what the announcers have to say about how players are playing. I attended the WSOP Academy and have even hired two coaches to help me get better. Putting those things in practice is a lifelong journey for me. To me it is like playing golf, when one item works then something else doesn't. When things come together you have one heck of a night and you can celebrate.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to feed a friend some information on my strategies I had learned and we have made a friendship that is still going today. In fact we played at the table together the other night. I understand his game and yet he understands mine. We can sit and discuss hands just as if it was a few years ago again.

Now I have the opportunity again to help someone. I hope it goes well. He is a good player and very methodical in his play. Maybe I can help him with the thought process and the questions he is asking himself. One of the things I would like to do is possibly coach someone in the future. For now I will keep learning and developing my skill with dealing and watching the players and the cards.

Yesterday was a very good day for me dealing cards. I even had one player compliment me on how far I have come in dealing the cards. It means a lot to be given the compliment and keeps me on tract to keep getting better. I know I will have bad days but I still enjoy the job.

Have a fun day......

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tournament Time

I have been putting a lot of time in live cash play and have not played tournaments very much if at all. This last week I got myself more involved with tournaments on the lower end of the buy in. Looks like things might change a bit here.

I bought in to a tournament yesterday and was out within the first few levels. I have been doing that in the tournaments and was questioning myself on why. I was playing good cards and I thought my bet sizing was right.

I came back home and opened up the book "Decide to Play Great Poker" by Annie Duke and went to one chapter only. It brought back to my memory of how to play tournaments. When you first start a tournament play tight and then when the Antes start you can loosen up. Changing your game is important not only for you but for the others to be thrown off on how you are percieved.

The tournament last night was a $65 buy in. We started with T$20,000 in chips. The caliber of players was different than what we see during the day. We had 50 players start and I played with these folks for 4 hours. I went out in 22nd place. Not bad for a first time back at the deepstack tournament. I played some good cards and made some good bet sizes.

I will be getting back to studying my books on tournament play and may play live during the day for fun and start using my money to play tournaments once or twice per week. Of course dealing tournaments is still the job. I just felt good about where I was at last night and knowing I can play with this group.

It can get frustrating but I will put myself in a position to do well and play the way I should.

Have a fun day......

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good Shoulder Bad Shoulder

It was nice to have the day off and get some of the stuff done that needed to be completed. Spending time at my desk does not happen very much anymore. If online poker was to come back in Washington State maybe that will change.

I played live poker last night and it was not a good session. I started out alright but by the end of the night it was over. On Monday's I give myself till 10PM and then I must go home since I work the next day. It was a good table and this was one of the nights that when I made a hand the other person had one card better. Maybe that is why they kept pace with my betting?

I did get beat on one hand that was good. We have a promotion that if a person can have their Ace's cracked they will win $100. On the even days it is the red Ace's and on the odd days it is the black Ace's. I got the black Ace's and proceeded to play them slow waiting for someone to start betting and I was hopeing they had made at least two pair. They did and I won the $100. Putting that in my stack didn't help me much.

Overall it just wasn't a good night. So far it seems to go back and forth between winning sessions and loosing sessions. I would love to put a couple of the winning sessions in a row.

Tonight I am going to play a tournament. I am going to sit in the $65 tournament that pays out really well. At least over $1000 to first. Wouldn't that be a nice payday. I have been backing off of tournament play but I want to see where I am at with this caliber of players in this area. It will be a long tournament. This one is T$20,000 chips and 20 minutes in length. I will need to be patient.

Have a fun day.....

Monday, January 09, 2012


Does that sound like it is cold? I had to turn the heat pump over to emergency heat last night since it is getting colder here in Washington State.

I don't think the picture shows you how cold it is but at least you can look at my nice Chevrolet Colorado. It is really foggy and we are scraping ice this morning.

Another interesting day at the Casino yesterday. After the Saturday fiasco I sat down at table three and was getting into dealing when one of the players starting bad mouthing the casino and then another person got involved and started in on the dealers. I don't take to dealer abuse. I am not the best dealer in house but since I have only been there 3 months I am getting there. I am not fast by any means but I am thorough and try not to make any mistakes.

These players are paying $2 to play this tournament. The rounds are only 10 minutes in length. It moves fast and when they take time to make decisions they take it out on the dealer to move faster so they get a full round in. I can't say much to defend myself at the tabe so will have to figure out another way to get this to stop.

Today is my day off and will take care of some family stuff and then I do plan on playing some live poker this evening.

One of the things I have tried to do is raise pre-flop to thin out the field. We get anywhere up to six or seven callers limping into the pot. Well, it doesn't seem to work. If I put in a raise everyone follows. If I limp everyone follows. So I guess the lesson here is when you are in a game where raising isn't doing anything for you, then just limp away.

Here are a couple of statements that seem to be true. Amateurs tend to raise big when they are weak and small when they are strong. Professionals tend to raise big when strong and small when they are weak. Maybe watching the tendencies of certain players will show a pattern that you can exploit.

Have a fun day........

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Back the Truck Up

Working as a dealer has been enjoyable and fun. There are some times that I tend to take another view of what I am doing.

I know I am not the fastest dealer on the staff. I take pride in being able to deal the cards and work hard to not make any mistakes. My issue right now and always has been the all in dividing of the chips when I have action from at least two people. Of course I prefer when I have all ins and everyone has chips in the middle. I will deal the cards and then work out the chip counts after. Not sure that is always the correct way of dealing with this but it seems to work for me right now.

Yesterday I was dealing the final table. That is an experience all its own. I had two individuals that kept saying I needed to hurry because they needed to go to work. I was getting more flustered and the other players were getting frustrated by the actions of the two. One of the individuals finally went out going all in every hand and the other ended up taking 5th place money and leaving. The table at that time settled down and became more enjoyable for everyone.

My issue is that if you have to work then why are you playing a tournament when you know you could get to the final table and it will take time. The experience for the players was bad and it frustrates the dealer. Enough of that.

I ended the day dealing at the live game for a little bit before I was pushed. Going from tournament play to a live game does present one problem. You have to remember to take a rake.

Today I am headed over to deal again. We have a couple of tournaments today and hopefully get a live game going. It is not a huge day for us so we will see what happens.

Have a fun day.....

Saturday, January 07, 2012

What a Difference

What a difference one day makes. I figured I would take some time off of playing poker but instead I went right back at it and made a difference.

I received a text from the poker manager that he was trying to get an afternoon $2-$10 game going. I had spent the first part of the day in a conference about my Mom and where she was at concerning her Cancer.

After that was done we went over to the Life Tributes Center to finish paying for the funeral expenses and also pay for my Dad's as well. Basically that is all finished and now we don't have to worry about the expenses when all of this does happen. Preplanning is taking some stress off by getting it done.

I then went over to talk to my Dad about the conference and let him know what we discussed. I shield him from all of the intimate details of what is going on and just give him the overview. At least we are on the same page and he agrees with letting me handle this. I just need to stay strong and get him through this.

I then headed over to the casino for some action and to take my mind off of everything else for a couple of hours. I bought in for the $100 and started playing. What was on my mind? Decision making. Make my decisions easier.

Watching for the pre-flop play and being smart about the post-flop betting. Looking for information and position. And the one thing that really worked for me was raising when I had something on the board. I remembered from the class I took at the WSOP Academy that only 70% of the time will someone hit the flop. I really thought about that yesterday when looking at the flop and trying to figure out why someone was betting. Where they doing a continuation bet? If I hit it what could they have?

Overall I felt I played better and was thinking the way I should at the table. When it was time to leave I had made back half of what I lost the previous night. I will continue to work on my decision making as I move forward in my study of the book "Decide to play Great Poker".

Now I am back to dealing for the weekend.

Have a fun day.......

Friday, January 06, 2012


Thats about all I can say about my play last night. I sat at the table about 4 1/2 hours and just did not play very well. I guess it does happen sometimes but ouch.

I had my poker analyzer set up last night and when I wanted to put in the rebuy amount the application froze up and wouldn't let me continue. I lost all of the data for my play in the different games I was doing. That does not make me very happy. I will try to recreate the numbers but I am not sure if I can. I guess that tells me it is better to keep books than to rely on technology.

There is an area in my game that is lacking and that is in the area of raising. You have to ask the guestion to raise or not to raise? Why would you raise and when?

The first one would be for information. If you limp along with everyone else then you are giving all of the lesser hands a chance to flop something and take the hand away from you. The second one would be to narrow the field. I would rather play with one or two others than with a table of nine others because of the limp. The third one is that raising will give you power to win the pot. Sometimes being first in will win the pot. The other part of this is bet sizing. What amount will do the job without risking more of you chipstack?

The part of my game that needs the work is the bet sizing and getting away from limping so I can see the flops. I have become a post-flop player and maybe I should rethink that to become more of a person that will start raising and working on my pre-flop game.

Today I am also thinking of my Mom. We have a meeting set up with Hospice and the Care Unit she is living at. Her health at this time is steadily going down and we may have to give her stronger meds and she will be in bed now. This is on my mind and everything else is taking a back seat. The decisions being made today will be huge on what happens next.

Have a fun day......

Thursday, January 05, 2012


Same stuff just different day. I dealt two tournaments yesterday. Very uneventful I must say. I do have one person who is saying stuff at the table for me to hurry. He says he is kidding but I know he is just being himself.

I have been wanting to time myself in how long it takes me to get the cards out compared to how long it takes the table to get through a hand with their decisions. I know I would win. I say back off.

I have mentioned the poker manager and myself having a weight loss bet going right now. I walked into the poker room yesterday and he had brought me a box of chocolate covered cherries. How did he find out those are my favorite. I refused to eat one.

The poker manager will sometimes let us know which table he wants us to start the day dealing. He told me to go start at table two. As I walked up to the table I noticed he had taken the chocolates and placed them around the chip box. The smell was good but again I refused. I told the players sitting down at the table that for every winning hand I would give out a chocolate. Everyone had a good time.

Tonight is my evening to play live poker. I have a doctors appointment today for my diabetes check and then I will get ready to play.

I have to remember that when I receive the cards pre-flop, that is when the first decision must be made. This is very important since it sets up the next decision. Play or not play. Three elements to remember are.

Information = Power
Position = Information
Position = Power

Making the decisions at the start of the hand carries through in decisions you can make following the hand clear to the end.

Have a fun day....

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I am trying not to play any tournaments and what am I doing? I played another tournament yesterday after I was done dealing the $2 tournament.

I know these are not productive and I need to just not play them. Either that or I should just play them for the fun of it and not put any pressure on winning any of them. Treat it as a way to have fun and nothing else. The other part of this is that it costs money and that comes from the bankroll. I want to keep the bankroll intact for the live games. Need to figure that out.

I have been reading "Decide to play Great Poker" by Annie Duke and trying to glean information that will help me play better.

What are my Poker Tools? Raising, Calling, Folding, Check Raising and Check Raise Bluffing. These are tools we have available to use in each hand we play. We also need to know the reason for our actions and why we are doing them. What are we trying to achieve in each hand we play? Right now the important part to learn for me is making the right decision at the right time.

I have to make goals when I play and need to reduce the uncertainty when decisions need to be made for myself. The other goal at this time will be to make my opponents decisions harder in relation to mine.

If I can introduce these things into my game and make them standard in my play then I can move on to the next part and learn some new things.

It just comes down to making the right decisions and reading the board.

I have been watching and following "The Dan Plan" blog. He is taking 10,000 hours of work on the golf course to become a pro. I have wondered what it would take to become a pro at poker and how many hours one would have to put in to make it become a reality. That would be fun to try and accomplish.

Off to work for another day.

Have a fun day......

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

My Day Off

The day was spent catching up on some needed items. Take down the Christmas lights outside and put stuff away in the garage. I went into town to do some errands and some of the stores I needed were closed. I guess those items can wait for another day.

I decided to play live poker in the evening. I would like to do Sunday and Thursday evenings since I can stay later but right now it looks like Monday and Thursday may be my time to play. Monday will be the short session and then on Thursday I can do a longer session.

I didn't start out like I had planned and immediately went down a little bit in chips. I decided to start with $100 of my bankroll and let that go and see where the variance of the night would take me.

I was asked to help deal a tournament while I was there since they needed a dealer. That was some extra money for the chip stack and worked out well for me.

After the tournament I was back at the cash table. We played $2-$6 for awhile and then moved up to the $2-$10 level. I had now put in the extra $20 and I was now playing with $120. I was making hands but this night they were off by just one card. I ended up putting in another $50 to see if I could chip up before my session was over.

On this night I wanted to win big pots and loose small pots. It seemed I was going the other direction. I can take something away from this session and that is continue to read the cards and get away when I know I am beat and quit wanting to see the other persons cards just to see them. I know it is nice to see what the other person is playing but in this game I don't find people bluffing.

Today is the big day for the day crew. We have a tournament that brings in some good players and it is fun to deal to them.

Here it is the second day of the weight loss challenge and my weight is 227. There may be some changes to this challenge in the near future. There seems to be others that want to be involved with this and it could grow to be quite the challenge. Cindy purchased food so that we will eat more at home and not at restaurants so much. Restaurant food is easier for us since our schedules are so crazy right now. Just have to make this work.

Have a fun day......

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Sunday Tournaments

On Sunday we have a couple of tournaments. I have gotten to enjoy dealing on this day. We do end up with a lighter turnout than we do on the weekdays. I guess you can call it the die hard regulars.

The first tournament is the $2 Freeroll. I know what you are asking yourself. How could it be a freeroll if we charge $2 for the entry. Well, we have weekly tournaments and then the qualifiers that everyone is going for. It works out in the end.

The other tournament that we have on Sunday is the Player of the Week. This has the added money and it is nice to play. I have gotten to play this one once and even though I didn't cash in it you have the winners playing the tournament.

We do have a pretty good live game going throughout the day. We have now gotten rid of the $1-$6 game and will be featuring the $2-$6 Spread on up. The reason for this is the Monte Carlo board we have going on right now. Any quads, Cracked Aces and High hands. On Friday and Saturday we have the Trips for $5. That one really gets going on those two days.

As I was saying the weekend can be fun and I enjoy the pace. Now for a day off tomorrow. I decided not to play in the live game this evening since I worked from 10AM to 6PM today. Pretty tired.

The poker room manager and myself have a weight bet starting tomorrow. We will see who can loose the most weight in 3 months. I want to get to around 180. My starting weight right now is 229. I was at 242 over a month ago. Since I have been working at the casino I have lost some since I am not eating as much. That is what this job is doing for me. I know I would feel better. This will help us push each other and hopefully both of us can reach our goals.

Have a fun day.......