Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Work

Lately the weekends have been nice. I think the people that are coming in are more relaxed and a little bit more patient with all that is going on around them.

We tend to get a live game going and it will go most of the day. We will put in about 30 minutes apiece and just keep going. We will sometimes end up more in tips playing the live game than what we would have gotten by putting on the tournament.

It is interesting to see who will tip the dealers and who will not. I wonder sometimes why they do that. We will have someone at the table and they will be winning but we don't see any tips from that person. Someone else will win and will always send a toke our way. When I play I will always send tokes toward the dealer even if I didn't win the hand. We all work hard in the box trying to keep the game going.

I played some live yesterday just to make sure we had five players so the Monte Carlo's were available. We had one person that was raising and going over the top on just about every hand. Now, I don't mind loosing some money to the players but when I am a butt in the seat and trying to keep the Monte Carlo's going for the rest of them it is sort of counter productive to keep raising and pushing to get people to loose their chips. I finally got up from the table and wouldn't sit down again. One of the other dealers did the same thing and the game finally died.

I understand we are going to have one of our dealers teach the public how to play Omaha. I will definitely be one of the students. I have tried to play the game and so far have spread $300 to the other players. My education in the game I hope will help me. I don't think I could deal the game but would love to learn to play.

Now we are in the new year we are starting to get tax related mail. I hope for a better year tax wise and maybe get some money back. The last couple of years we have been on the other side of it.

Just about time to head off to work. Got to get stuff together.

Have a fun day.......

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