Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pet Peeves

I am a Spring and Summer type of a person. The last couple of years I have been having some issues with the heat but overall I like that time of the year. Having grown up in southern California I like the desert and not having a lot of rainy days. I would make a great snowbird. Travelling from casino to casino playing in live games and doing some tournaments. It would be fun. Now back to reality.

When it snows I will take it easy while driving. I really hate it when someone in a big pick-up goes tearing by me throwing snow all over and having disregard for everyone elses lives. Just because you have a big vehicle doesn't give you the right.

The other one is the fact our interior roads do not get scraped. Once I get out of the residential areas it seems to be fine but just getting to a main road is hard. If you can't get the people out of residential then you have no one driving the main roads. Every year it is the same thing. We pay the city taxes and what do we get in return. I figure they are thinking that if they wait long enough then they won't have to do them.

Tonight our Casino is putting on a class for Omaha. This should be fun. I have been wanting to learn this game. There are casino's I have played in that only have an Omaha game going and this would allow me to at least play a game and not have to wait for the NLHE game. There will be a game afterwards for the students.

I am now off to work for the the next two days. My Mom is now in bed and sleeping a lot. She does look comfortable and I hope the pain is no longer hurting her. I love you Mom.

Have a fun day......

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