Friday, January 20, 2012

Let it Snow, Not!!!!

Well, now that we have the snow we need the temperatures to warm up and bring in some wind and then we have a new problem. This is true, we are supposed to get some warmer temperatures now and add some wind. We will see if that happens.

I did get to work yesterday and it was amazing how many people showed up for the 10AM tournament. We had a good turn out for the Noon one as well. Just goes to show that poker players love the game.

I was thinking about how I am doing now that I have been there three months. It seems like it has been longer. I am feeling more comfortable at the table and not as stressed about dealing the cards. I feel my speed is starting to improve. Seeing and reading the cards is getting better and I am starting to handle the chips better with the all ins. Working with the chips in making change during the hand is also getting better. I am watching the hands and moving chips. I call it multitasking and it feels better. I know I have a lot of work yet to get where I want to be. I want the skill level to improve and I feel it will get there.

On the downside to all of this is my time at the tables playing. I try to play on Mondays and Thursday nights. Playing live is where I want to put my efforts. Learning the skill of live is coming along well for me. I can usually hold my own at the table. I am getting more comfortable playing the $2-$10 game. We have stopped the $1-$6 game and will not play it at the tables. It is either the $2-$6 or the $2-$10 now. We have some players that I am getting used to too.

I am not sure what to do about tournament play. I would like to pick one tournament with a good size buy in and with the opportunity to cash and play that to see how I will do. Still working out which one I will play.

Overall I am feeling good about where I am at. Bankroll is intact and now I need to just get it to grow some more.

It would be fun to travel the poker circuit and play. What a dream.

Have a fun day.......

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