Sunday, January 01, 2012

Sunday Tournaments

On Sunday we have a couple of tournaments. I have gotten to enjoy dealing on this day. We do end up with a lighter turnout than we do on the weekdays. I guess you can call it the die hard regulars.

The first tournament is the $2 Freeroll. I know what you are asking yourself. How could it be a freeroll if we charge $2 for the entry. Well, we have weekly tournaments and then the qualifiers that everyone is going for. It works out in the end.

The other tournament that we have on Sunday is the Player of the Week. This has the added money and it is nice to play. I have gotten to play this one once and even though I didn't cash in it you have the winners playing the tournament.

We do have a pretty good live game going throughout the day. We have now gotten rid of the $1-$6 game and will be featuring the $2-$6 Spread on up. The reason for this is the Monte Carlo board we have going on right now. Any quads, Cracked Aces and High hands. On Friday and Saturday we have the Trips for $5. That one really gets going on those two days.

As I was saying the weekend can be fun and I enjoy the pace. Now for a day off tomorrow. I decided not to play in the live game this evening since I worked from 10AM to 6PM today. Pretty tired.

The poker room manager and myself have a weight bet starting tomorrow. We will see who can loose the most weight in 3 months. I want to get to around 180. My starting weight right now is 229. I was at 242 over a month ago. Since I have been working at the casino I have lost some since I am not eating as much. That is what this job is doing for me. I know I would feel better. This will help us push each other and hopefully both of us can reach our goals.

Have a fun day.......

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