Thursday, January 12, 2012

Helping Others

One of the things I really enjoy about poker is the ability to talk to other players about strategy and theory.

I am not an authority on poker but I have done a lot of reading on the strategies and I enjoy watching others play the game when I can. I watch Live@thebike and listen to what the announcers have to say about how players are playing. I attended the WSOP Academy and have even hired two coaches to help me get better. Putting those things in practice is a lifelong journey for me. To me it is like playing golf, when one item works then something else doesn't. When things come together you have one heck of a night and you can celebrate.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to feed a friend some information on my strategies I had learned and we have made a friendship that is still going today. In fact we played at the table together the other night. I understand his game and yet he understands mine. We can sit and discuss hands just as if it was a few years ago again.

Now I have the opportunity again to help someone. I hope it goes well. He is a good player and very methodical in his play. Maybe I can help him with the thought process and the questions he is asking himself. One of the things I would like to do is possibly coach someone in the future. For now I will keep learning and developing my skill with dealing and watching the players and the cards.

Yesterday was a very good day for me dealing cards. I even had one player compliment me on how far I have come in dealing the cards. It means a lot to be given the compliment and keeps me on tract to keep getting better. I know I will have bad days but I still enjoy the job.

Have a fun day......

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