Saturday, January 07, 2012

What a Difference

What a difference one day makes. I figured I would take some time off of playing poker but instead I went right back at it and made a difference.

I received a text from the poker manager that he was trying to get an afternoon $2-$10 game going. I had spent the first part of the day in a conference about my Mom and where she was at concerning her Cancer.

After that was done we went over to the Life Tributes Center to finish paying for the funeral expenses and also pay for my Dad's as well. Basically that is all finished and now we don't have to worry about the expenses when all of this does happen. Preplanning is taking some stress off by getting it done.

I then went over to talk to my Dad about the conference and let him know what we discussed. I shield him from all of the intimate details of what is going on and just give him the overview. At least we are on the same page and he agrees with letting me handle this. I just need to stay strong and get him through this.

I then headed over to the casino for some action and to take my mind off of everything else for a couple of hours. I bought in for the $100 and started playing. What was on my mind? Decision making. Make my decisions easier.

Watching for the pre-flop play and being smart about the post-flop betting. Looking for information and position. And the one thing that really worked for me was raising when I had something on the board. I remembered from the class I took at the WSOP Academy that only 70% of the time will someone hit the flop. I really thought about that yesterday when looking at the flop and trying to figure out why someone was betting. Where they doing a continuation bet? If I hit it what could they have?

Overall I felt I played better and was thinking the way I should at the table. When it was time to leave I had made back half of what I lost the previous night. I will continue to work on my decision making as I move forward in my study of the book "Decide to play Great Poker".

Now I am back to dealing for the weekend.

Have a fun day.......

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