Friday, January 06, 2012


Thats about all I can say about my play last night. I sat at the table about 4 1/2 hours and just did not play very well. I guess it does happen sometimes but ouch.

I had my poker analyzer set up last night and when I wanted to put in the rebuy amount the application froze up and wouldn't let me continue. I lost all of the data for my play in the different games I was doing. That does not make me very happy. I will try to recreate the numbers but I am not sure if I can. I guess that tells me it is better to keep books than to rely on technology.

There is an area in my game that is lacking and that is in the area of raising. You have to ask the guestion to raise or not to raise? Why would you raise and when?

The first one would be for information. If you limp along with everyone else then you are giving all of the lesser hands a chance to flop something and take the hand away from you. The second one would be to narrow the field. I would rather play with one or two others than with a table of nine others because of the limp. The third one is that raising will give you power to win the pot. Sometimes being first in will win the pot. The other part of this is bet sizing. What amount will do the job without risking more of you chipstack?

The part of my game that needs the work is the bet sizing and getting away from limping so I can see the flops. I have become a post-flop player and maybe I should rethink that to become more of a person that will start raising and working on my pre-flop game.

Today I am also thinking of my Mom. We have a meeting set up with Hospice and the Care Unit she is living at. Her health at this time is steadily going down and we may have to give her stronger meds and she will be in bed now. This is on my mind and everything else is taking a back seat. The decisions being made today will be huge on what happens next.

Have a fun day......

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