Sunday, January 08, 2012

Back the Truck Up

Working as a dealer has been enjoyable and fun. There are some times that I tend to take another view of what I am doing.

I know I am not the fastest dealer on the staff. I take pride in being able to deal the cards and work hard to not make any mistakes. My issue right now and always has been the all in dividing of the chips when I have action from at least two people. Of course I prefer when I have all ins and everyone has chips in the middle. I will deal the cards and then work out the chip counts after. Not sure that is always the correct way of dealing with this but it seems to work for me right now.

Yesterday I was dealing the final table. That is an experience all its own. I had two individuals that kept saying I needed to hurry because they needed to go to work. I was getting more flustered and the other players were getting frustrated by the actions of the two. One of the individuals finally went out going all in every hand and the other ended up taking 5th place money and leaving. The table at that time settled down and became more enjoyable for everyone.

My issue is that if you have to work then why are you playing a tournament when you know you could get to the final table and it will take time. The experience for the players was bad and it frustrates the dealer. Enough of that.

I ended the day dealing at the live game for a little bit before I was pushed. Going from tournament play to a live game does present one problem. You have to remember to take a rake.

Today I am headed over to deal again. We have a couple of tournaments today and hopefully get a live game going. It is not a huge day for us so we will see what happens.

Have a fun day.....

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