Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It has been about a month that I have been planning this surprise for my wife. I have been wanting to get a Limousine to pick her up from work and then take us to dinner.

It finally started coming together about a month ago. I have a poker friend that owns a Limousine service called "Wine, Cheese & Me". If you go to the website at www.winecheeseandme.com you can see what they have to offer. The price was good as well. It was last week when the calendar was clear for Cindy and I and I told them it was a go for Monday evening.

On Sunday night I told Cindy that I needed her car for Monday as I was going to get service done on the vehicle. She agreed and I took her to work the next morning. Afterwards, I took the vehicle to Red Lobster and let the car sit. Thanks to my Son and his wife for picking me up and getting me back home. At around 4PM I was able to exchange the cars and have my pickup at the restaurant.

I was picked up from our house at 5PM and then we drove out to Cindy's work location. I called her and she came out and noticing the Limo she learned it was hers. It was a good surprise for her. I enjoyed the look on her fellow worker as she was surprised as well. She tried to take a picture but I think it was too dark to see anything. This will have to be in our memories.

We ate at Red Lobster last night as that is one of our favorite places and then headed home in the pickup. What a day and evening it was.

Love you sweetheart.

No poker yesterday as it was a personal day with family for me. Today I am back at dealing. I may play the $65 tournament tonight. We will see how the day goes.

Have a fun day......

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