Thursday, January 05, 2012


Same stuff just different day. I dealt two tournaments yesterday. Very uneventful I must say. I do have one person who is saying stuff at the table for me to hurry. He says he is kidding but I know he is just being himself.

I have been wanting to time myself in how long it takes me to get the cards out compared to how long it takes the table to get through a hand with their decisions. I know I would win. I say back off.

I have mentioned the poker manager and myself having a weight loss bet going right now. I walked into the poker room yesterday and he had brought me a box of chocolate covered cherries. How did he find out those are my favorite. I refused to eat one.

The poker manager will sometimes let us know which table he wants us to start the day dealing. He told me to go start at table two. As I walked up to the table I noticed he had taken the chocolates and placed them around the chip box. The smell was good but again I refused. I told the players sitting down at the table that for every winning hand I would give out a chocolate. Everyone had a good time.

Tonight is my evening to play live poker. I have a doctors appointment today for my diabetes check and then I will get ready to play.

I have to remember that when I receive the cards pre-flop, that is when the first decision must be made. This is very important since it sets up the next decision. Play or not play. Three elements to remember are.

Information = Power
Position = Information
Position = Power

Making the decisions at the start of the hand carries through in decisions you can make following the hand clear to the end.

Have a fun day....

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