Monday, January 23, 2012

Tournament Sunday

I dealt the Noon tournament and when that was done I then sat down and alternated dealing in the live game. We start out with four dealers in the morning and then when we get through the tournament we go down to two dealers and wait for the 3PM Player of the Week tournament to start.

Our other dealers started coming in and I was asked if I wanted to deal or play. This tournament is nice as it is the Player of the Week and the money is good if you can get to the final table and win. I, of course, like the opportunity to play, so I asked to be let off and join the game.

The last two times I have played in this tournament I have gone out in the first round. By not following my own strategies and getting impatient. This time I had goals to meet and I played aggressive when I had to. Being patient was one of my goals as well. My usual goals are to get to the final table, get into the money and then to win the tournament.

I had one person who would continually raise my blind and I had to put him to the test. I re-raised and he would back down. That did help for future play. I did make it to the final table this time. The villain was on my right just where I wanted him. I started chipping up and with one of the plays he tried to get me off my hand with a T$3000 raise and I called him and won the hand.

I was second in chips to the villain on my right when it was proposed to chop at 5 players. It was put on the table to give the chip leader a good part of first place money and the rest would split. I wrestled with the decision on what to do. I decided to go ahead and chop. I was unhappy the villain got a bigger share but happy for the rest that did get money.

I did win one portion in that I told the group the part of the chopped pot was to go to the dealers along with their tips. I always want the dealers to get a good share as well. We do have people that won't tip so anytime a dealer can get into the money it is nice to get the players to put more into the pot.

The other part of the problem was the villian thinking he was a better player than all the rest. I was feeling like I could play with him and was not scared to put everything at risk to force him into decisions he didn't want to make. I will definitely do it again when I have a chance to play him.

I probably will not be playing the live game tonight. I have a surprise set up for my wife and will be anxious to see her face.

Have a fun day.......

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