Monday, January 09, 2012


Does that sound like it is cold? I had to turn the heat pump over to emergency heat last night since it is getting colder here in Washington State.

I don't think the picture shows you how cold it is but at least you can look at my nice Chevrolet Colorado. It is really foggy and we are scraping ice this morning.

Another interesting day at the Casino yesterday. After the Saturday fiasco I sat down at table three and was getting into dealing when one of the players starting bad mouthing the casino and then another person got involved and started in on the dealers. I don't take to dealer abuse. I am not the best dealer in house but since I have only been there 3 months I am getting there. I am not fast by any means but I am thorough and try not to make any mistakes.

These players are paying $2 to play this tournament. The rounds are only 10 minutes in length. It moves fast and when they take time to make decisions they take it out on the dealer to move faster so they get a full round in. I can't say much to defend myself at the tabe so will have to figure out another way to get this to stop.

Today is my day off and will take care of some family stuff and then I do plan on playing some live poker this evening.

One of the things I have tried to do is raise pre-flop to thin out the field. We get anywhere up to six or seven callers limping into the pot. Well, it doesn't seem to work. If I put in a raise everyone follows. If I limp everyone follows. So I guess the lesson here is when you are in a game where raising isn't doing anything for you, then just limp away.

Here are a couple of statements that seem to be true. Amateurs tend to raise big when they are weak and small when they are strong. Professionals tend to raise big when strong and small when they are weak. Maybe watching the tendencies of certain players will show a pattern that you can exploit.

Have a fun day........

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