Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tournament Time

I have been putting a lot of time in live cash play and have not played tournaments very much if at all. This last week I got myself more involved with tournaments on the lower end of the buy in. Looks like things might change a bit here.

I bought in to a tournament yesterday and was out within the first few levels. I have been doing that in the tournaments and was questioning myself on why. I was playing good cards and I thought my bet sizing was right.

I came back home and opened up the book "Decide to Play Great Poker" by Annie Duke and went to one chapter only. It brought back to my memory of how to play tournaments. When you first start a tournament play tight and then when the Antes start you can loosen up. Changing your game is important not only for you but for the others to be thrown off on how you are percieved.

The tournament last night was a $65 buy in. We started with T$20,000 in chips. The caliber of players was different than what we see during the day. We had 50 players start and I played with these folks for 4 hours. I went out in 22nd place. Not bad for a first time back at the deepstack tournament. I played some good cards and made some good bet sizes.

I will be getting back to studying my books on tournament play and may play live during the day for fun and start using my money to play tournaments once or twice per week. Of course dealing tournaments is still the job. I just felt good about where I was at last night and knowing I can play with this group.

It can get frustrating but I will put myself in a position to do well and play the way I should.

Have a fun day......

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