Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good Shoulder Bad Shoulder

It was nice to have the day off and get some of the stuff done that needed to be completed. Spending time at my desk does not happen very much anymore. If online poker was to come back in Washington State maybe that will change.

I played live poker last night and it was not a good session. I started out alright but by the end of the night it was over. On Monday's I give myself till 10PM and then I must go home since I work the next day. It was a good table and this was one of the nights that when I made a hand the other person had one card better. Maybe that is why they kept pace with my betting?

I did get beat on one hand that was good. We have a promotion that if a person can have their Ace's cracked they will win $100. On the even days it is the red Ace's and on the odd days it is the black Ace's. I got the black Ace's and proceeded to play them slow waiting for someone to start betting and I was hopeing they had made at least two pair. They did and I won the $100. Putting that in my stack didn't help me much.

Overall it just wasn't a good night. So far it seems to go back and forth between winning sessions and loosing sessions. I would love to put a couple of the winning sessions in a row.

Tonight I am going to play a tournament. I am going to sit in the $65 tournament that pays out really well. At least over $1000 to first. Wouldn't that be a nice payday. I have been backing off of tournament play but I want to see where I am at with this caliber of players in this area. It will be a long tournament. This one is T$20,000 chips and 20 minutes in length. I will need to be patient.

Have a fun day.....

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