Thursday, January 26, 2012

On the Bus

Yesterday was my second day riding the bus. It is going well. I know one thing it will take care of and that is eating out after work. When I get on the bus I am headed home. I will not have the opportunity to head somewhere else before home and eat. I will miss my sushi or chicken wings. Of course I can make plans and ride the bus extra if I want

I dealt both tournaments yesterday and it went well for me. I try real hard to keep the game going and not have any mistakes. Reading the cards on the board is a little slow for me but I want to make sure I am giving the chips to the right person. I hate killing cards until I am sure of the winner. That is another skill I am working on. Watching the cards and being able to guess what the players are going to turn over. Sometimes they surprise me. That is when I learn a little bit about the player. I can use that later.

Today I will deal again and then tonight my plan is to play some live. I will take the bus to and from work and then after dinner take the truck back to the casino and will play late tonight.

I am starting to study the Introduction to Betting. It starts out saying every bet you make should be made for a purpose. To get your opponent to fold, call or raise. In my game I am trying to take the limp out of my game and raise if I am going to play. The plan is to thin the field and play against one or two players instead of the table. Decision after that depends on texture and if I hit anything on the flop.

Have a fun day.....

Have a fun day......

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