Friday, January 27, 2012

Big Win

Today is my day off. Time to get some of the stuff done for my parents and clean up the paperwork on my desk. This afternoon I will be visiting my Mom in the Alzheimers unit. She is not getting out of bed anymore and the pain meds were increased. As I have said Cancer and Alzheimers together just doesn't and won't give her the chance.

I did my usual dealing yesterday and got through the two tournaments we had during my shift. I am fortunate to have this position and to be able to do what I enjoy doing. Island's Casino is a great place to work and is very friendly. It just feels like an extended family and we are there for each other.

After my bus ride home I got myself prepared to go back to the casino and play some live cash. I like to play on Monday and Thursday night since they are the two evenings I can spend some time.

When I arrived at the Casino they got a $2-$6 game going before the tournament started. These are just short little bits of time to take up some time before the tournament starts and a way to get some rake for the casino and tips for the dealers. When the tournament started I was down $6 and that was fine. I had bought in for $40 and would hold that for the live game that will start after the tournament.

When the live game got going we started it at $2-$10 spread. I immediately bought in for my usual $100, which made my buy in at the $140 level and of course down at $134 from the last game. I immediately took the stack above the $140 level and was just playing the usual cards and playing my game.

I never dropped below my buy in amount for the first 3 hours. I wasn't going up much and not dropping a great deal either. Twice during this time I got pocket Aces and they were both the black aces and I needed the red aces to get the Monte Carlo, and of course getting them cracked, would mean $100 for me. The pot was nice either way.

Then I changed my seat to see if maybe things would change a little bit and I would also sit next to one of the other dealers and we could just talk while playing. At the 4 hour mark I started to see some hands that were playable for me. One in particular was an A8 suited. The players all called around which made it easy for me to just call and see a flop. The flop came x8x. The 8 was the highest card on the flop. I decided to bet and see if I could isolate one player. The next card came x which was a low card again. Another raise and the pot started growing. The river was low again and I figured I was good with the 8 with Ace kicker and bet again. The villain showed pocket 10's.

I did play a couple more hands and lost them as well. I don't get upset but I was a little frustrated. The other players could see what was happening and I was sure that is why I was now getting callers with anything I did. I looked at my next cards and I see KK's. Now this one I was hoping would hold up for me. I raised and got 5 callers. The flop was good for me with one of the cards being an eight. No flush possibility. No connection for straights. On the turn another 8 showed up and now if anyone was playing with an 8 in their hand I was done. I ended up being all in for the river and another low card came.

When all of the cards were shown or mucked I was the winner of the pot at about $200. My pocket K's held up. At one point one of the players asked me if I was upset or tilted. I told them no I was fine with whatever happened. Poker gives to you and sometimes takes it away. Tonight it was my turn to get the big pot.

It wasn't too long after that that the table turned to a $2-$10 Spread Kill game. There were about 5 players at the table that were playing big amounts of money for just about anything. That was my clue to head home with my win. It was now 11PM and I was getting tired as well. Playing for 4 to 5 hours was enough for me.

Now tomorrow I will be back to dealing the games and my next live game will be Monday.

Have a fun day.......

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