Monday, January 30, 2012


Today is my day off. I have already been to the casino and played the live game this morning. I also played in the morning tournament. So much for the day off.

I was going to play live last night and ended up staying home watching a movie with my wife. It is nice to sit at home and just do nothing.

It really bothers me to sit at a table and listen to people berate the dealers. The last time I checked the dealer doesn't control who gets what when they deal. It is even worse when a dealer is doing it to another dealer. It just lets other people watching this think they can do the same thing. Just not right.

I am getting ready to start my second week riding the bus to work. I have enjoyed the time and letting someone else drive in the traffic. Savings for the month should be about $100 if not more. Will have to keep an eye on that to see what I am actually saving.

Have a fun day......

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