Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Way to Make a Decision Hard

Having Friday off was nice. I could have a chance to do some stuff around the house. Not. I ended up spending most of my day at the Casino.

Every morning they have their $2 tournament and I decided to go early and get in some live play and then play the tournament. When I arrived they did have a game going but then I found out that on Friday's they do not have the morning tournament. I sat down at the live game and figured I would stay till 11:30 and then go pick up my Dad for lunch.

By the end of the session I was up $70 and I needed to go pick my Dad up from the Assisted Living home before they went into their lunch process. We ended up going to Olive Garden since he enjoys the soup, salad and the breadsticks. When we got done with that we went back to his place and relaxed for a little bit before going to visit Mom.

The visit with Mom went well as she now looks like she is pain free. A little bit more out of it but without the pain of cancer bothering her I think she is fine. She is changing so much with her facial features and the edema is getting more in her hands and arm due to the pressure of the tumor. I will leave it as that.

After getting Dad back to the Assisted Living Apartment I went back to the casino to play in their 3PM tournament. I did get to play in that and made it into the middle of the tournament before I went out. I only played 3 hands through half of the tournament. This just makes me think that I am throwing money into tournaments and I don't like the return. I know I said I would do them for fun but how much fun do you have when your sitting there and not able to make plays.

I was walking out of the casino and ready to go home when I ran into one of the dealers that works the night shift. He mentioned to me that I might want to stick around since the game that is getting started is going to be juicy. I remember the saying if you can't find the fish at the table then your it. I made a you turn and headed back into the poker room and sat down at the live table. I stayed for 3 to 3 1/2 hours and it was a good session for me. I was up $90 when I left. I was up $130 but leaked some chips back to the field.

Overall it was a good day at the table for $160. Now it will go into my bankroll and it is growing. This makes me rethink my thoughts on live play and what I was going to do. Decisions, Decisions.

Have a fun Day.........

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