Monday, January 16, 2012

Not Again!!!

After dealing the Noon tournament yesterday we waited around for the player of the week tournament to start at 3PM.

We usually don't get a lot of players for this tournament. It is one of the better ones to play. Yesterday was the most players I have seen sign up for this tournament. Maybe the word is getting around that the money in the pot is better than some of the others. You pay less if you qualified during the week and the opportunity is there.

I try to play this tournament if I am not needed to deal the game. We have 4 dealers on up to the tournament and then at 3PM we add two more dealers. This way we can start to let dealers go home that have been here if the players don't show up. With 24 players signed up we used three tables and only needed 4 dealers.

I paid the buy in and took my seat in this game. Remember last week when I went out early? It happened again. For some reason I must be having a brain fart since I am playing early hands. On the third hand I had AQ. I called to see the flop along with everyone else. I should have raised but didn't. It was too early in the game for me. Not a good decision on my part. The flop comes 8Q3. The person on my right puts in T$1200. I thought about it and figured he had a Q with a small kicker. I had the Ace and so I called. Another player on my left went all in. If she liked the Q then I must have both of them beat. We ended up getting all of the money in the middle. The guy on my right turns over 83 and the person on my left turns over Q10 and then my AQ. I keep saying I should have raised pre-flop.

I deserved that one. I am still thinking about playing the Tuesday night tournament which is the better one. I need to just stick with my game plan and not get anxious to play the hands early. I might play the live game this evening as well. There is a lot of things to accomplish today. Seeing my Mom and taking Dad to the doctors office.

Had game night at the poker managers home last night. We had BBQ and then played a couple of games. It was fun and was nice to be able to visit outside of work. It is a good group of players as well as dealers.

Have a fun day......

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