Wednesday, May 25, 2005

5-19 05 Thursday

After watching the EUR$ in the evening I decided not to get in. It was at the 200sma and looked to be channelling. I will stay out of the market.

I played two games of Poker this evening. The first game went fast in the beginning. I came up with a A high Flush. Went in with most of my chips. I was beat with a Full House. At that point my chip count was low and ended up in 9th place. On the second game I played a few more flops to pick up a few chips. I was chip leader for some time until midway in the game. Everyone was playing tight. Chips were back and forth and only one person was doing well in gathering chips. I was able to stay with it. I ended up being in 4th place.

Pips -11
Poker +23

Monday, May 23, 2005

5-18 and doing well

I played one game of poker tonite. I played some early hands and was able to build the chip count past 2000. I started playing tight at that point just picking the hands that I wanted to play and raising the pots when I felt it was in my best interest. I waited until third place was guaranteed and then I started playing loose. I came in 2nd place tonite and earned $15.

I set the EUR$ with a Sell order. The price is moving back towards the 75sma and the 200sma. The price did end up going down to both sma's and I was able to pick up 20 pips.

This ended up being a good day for me.

Pips -11
Poker +35

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Another Trading Day

I set up the new trades this morning at 10 minutes before the news came out. I set up one account with the short and the other account with the long. The short went down +18 and then came back at 5 minutes and I closed it at +5 pips. The Long account was stopped out at -20. Total for the 5:30 fundamental news was -15. At 6:15 more news was to come out. I set up the short account and this time it went down -20 and stopped out. The other account was set for the buy and I went out at +4 for a total of -16 pips. Total for the trades was -31. Not good for a system that was to produce some pips for the last couple of days. In the evening I came back at it and decided to try something different. I set up the EUR$ to go back to the set MA and waited. It did that and I was able to get +10 pips.

I played two games of Poker tonight. I started out tight and ended up in 4th place. One out of the money. I decided to try another game and ended up in 6th place in that one. Neither game was giving me the cards to play. The table was playing very loose.


pips = -31
Poker = +26

Saturday, May 21, 2005

New System

I decided to try a new system. There are so many out there and I have not been doing well at this trading. I purchased a system that trades the fundamental news. Now it seems I will start getting up early in the morning to make the trades.

I went Long and Short with the EUR$ this morning. I have two accounts that I use and so I put one Long and the other Short knowing I would loose on one of them and the other I would let run. The Short did get stopped out and the Long ran. I ended up with a 0 pips total. At least I didn't loose.

Started playing Poker on-line again. This time I put money in Party Poker and will start playing the SNG's. My total starting capital is $50.

My first game tonite I ended up in 7th place out of 10 players. PP only pays out 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. I started out aggressive and that was the downfall. I need to slow down and play a little tight to start. The second game I started out tight and as soon as it got to 4 of us left in the game I started to play aggressive. I then went out in 4th place. At least it was a start and I almost made it to the money. I will learn how to play the SNG's and when to change my style of play.

Totals for the day.

Pips 0
Poker $38