Wednesday, May 25, 2005

5-19 05 Thursday

After watching the EUR$ in the evening I decided not to get in. It was at the 200sma and looked to be channelling. I will stay out of the market.

I played two games of Poker this evening. The first game went fast in the beginning. I came up with a A high Flush. Went in with most of my chips. I was beat with a Full House. At that point my chip count was low and ended up in 9th place. On the second game I played a few more flops to pick up a few chips. I was chip leader for some time until midway in the game. Everyone was playing tight. Chips were back and forth and only one person was doing well in gathering chips. I was able to stay with it. I ended up being in 4th place.

Pips -11
Poker +23

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