Monday, February 14, 2005

Travelling Weekend

We found out that my wifes father was in the hospital and so we travelled over the mountain to see him. The weather was nice for the trip. We had some snow up on the pass but other than that our day trip was fast and we accomplished what we set out to do.

I did not play any poker this weekend. Friday evening we went and watched the comedian Ron White. He was good and funny. I was disappointed in the seats though. We did have seats four rows from the front but when we got there Ron had told the coliseum that he did not want anyone sitting at his sides. So, they moved us to the back of the coliseum where it was hard to see him. It made the night a little bit harder to enjoy. Saturday was our day trip over the mountain. Sunday was a non action day.

I finished my second book for the month. Wow, two in one month. This one was called "Loaded Dice" by James Swain. He is a good writer. This was a mystery of sorts. He writes about Las Vegas and gambling with a twist on mystery. I ordered his other books since he is writing a number of books with the same players.

I was on the computer last night and all of a sudden one of the services that I pay for for Forex was going wild with orders. I got in last night and made a little bit of money. I usually do not trade on Sunday. I will wait till Monday morning to get started. It seemed the market was moving and it was time to get in. Lets hope for another week. I see that Greenspan is going to speak on Wednesday so we need to be careful on Wednesday.

Have a good day.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Friday Post

I have not posted much this week since I haven't done anything. I get up in the morning and trade, work, trade, go to bed and get up and do the same thing all over again.

Tonite starts another weekend of Poker. I did not play in the Tuesday night poker game. I heard it was a good game and they get up to 2 games in and sometimes 3 by midnight. Maybe this next week.

I have been busy trading this week. The market has definitely been in a trending mood. I have made 9 trades this week. It doesn't look like I will be trading today. It has gone back to being flat. That is fine since I don't like trading on Friday and holding over the weekend. I have setup my entries though. If one of them gets taken then I quess I will hold for the first time. Here is my pip count for the week and year.

Weekly 120 pips
Yearly 267 pips

Have a good weekend.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Had a Tired Monday

The Superbowl turned out to be a good game. I would have liked the Eagles to win but it really doesn't matter. How many Eagles fans betting in Las Vegas were happy? They beat the spread and still lost the game. They at least earned the money since they didn't get the bragging rights.

After the game a poker game was put together. Twenty one people showed up for a $20 buyin. The game lasted 4 hours and I came in 5th again. I know I can play with these people, I just need to finish it off. I tried to play tight throughout the night and I think it worked. I didn't play that way at the end. I needed some chips to stay in the game so I had to loosen up a bit. I played a QJo, but it was not enough.

Trading the Forex today was a good day. I went short on GBP$ and then went long on $JPY. When I got home this evening both were in the money. I followed them up with tight stops and when they reached the highest point with the RSI I decided to sell and take the profit for the day. So far for the week:

Weekly 142 pips
Yearly 299 pips

Heres for another good day.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

What a weekend

What a weekend. First Friday night and then again last night. I went to a friends house to play poker. This time it was Dealers choice. I learned quite a few new games last night. I must say though that my favorite is still Texas Hold'em. We started the evening out paying the $25 and getting all of our chips. The chips were all .20 cents. You can see how it would last a while with the denomination we were using. At the end of the evening if you had any chips left you were paid for what you turned in. My chips ended up with everyone else. I made nothing. I spent 4 hours for $25 and had fun.

Today is the day for the Superbowl. We will be going to a local Tavern and watching the game. It will be a Birthday Party as well. I would like to see the Eagles win. I seen in the paper this morning the Patriots are still -7 to win. I hope they can't cover it.

I started a new book yesterday. I found a writer that writes novels about the casinos and are mysteries. I may end up reading another book this month. At least it looks like I have a start.

I do have a question for you. How do I get the sights on my blog that I read regularly. I have about 4 right now that I read on a daily basis and would like to share that with others.

Have a good day.

Saturday, February 05, 2005


Forex Trading: I ended up not trading at all for this week. My results are:
Weekly Total 0 pips
Yearly Total 157 pips
I will try to trade this next week. I have talked about this before, I want to become a full time trader and be able to trade during the day. One of the requirements for that is to start making the money and then gradually leave my full time job. I have been in contact with three different full time traders and each say they would mentor me and teach me what I need to know. I have been trading with my live account and feel I just need a little push to get over the edge. Time is so hard to deal with. I guess we all have priorities in our lives that drive us. Money seems to be the biggest.

My weekly poker night did not turn out so well last night. I lasted less than an hour at the table. There were 14 in the tournament and I came in 13th. I had a pair of Q's and lost out. I played AKo and lost on that one as well. The only hand I won during that time was a full house. Some nights it just doesn't happen. Tonight is another poker event and I will attend it. This one will be a dealers choice night. I have never played one of these so it will be interesting. Also at the end of the night chips are counted and if you have any left you get to go home with some money.

Does anybody really care that the two parties Republicans and Democrats are still fighting about the governers seat here in WA. I can't believe with all the sophisticated equipment we have nowadays we can't even get an election right. We just waste time in the courts and money to play these games.

Tomorrow is the big day for sports. I thought it was interesting that Budweiser and Miller are having a battle for commercial time. Bud paid more money and Miller is not allowed to say anything bad about Bud in the commercials on Superbowl. Another instance where Money talks.

Have a good day.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Another Day at the shop

Forex Trading: Another day of no trades available. Not a good week. I am waiting for something to trend. Of course I want to stay away from the FA for Friday morning. My guess will be the US$ will go down but I am not willing to put any money on it.

Went to dinner with a friend tonite to RR. We talked about the madebig shopping site. I have been playing the Win a Million Lotto. I play the 10 free tickets on a nightly basis. Even if I don't win at least I am getting points for every number correct and will be able to trade them in at some point. My wife purchased from JC Penny the other night and she will receive points and I will earn money for her spending money on the site. I love the Nachos and the Guacomole Hamburger. It is filling. I walked into RR tonite and the girl set me down at a table and I waited for the other person to show up. I was going to call him to see where he was at and he was in another part of the restaurant waiting for me. It was funny that we were waiting for each other in the same restaurant on opposite sides.

I am trying to figure out if signing on with FXtrainer would be worth it. I want to trade for a living and be home all the time. To be able to go when I want and travel. I spent $5000 with another company and it didn't help me. Now this one wants $2000 to help me and I am being a little more cautious and trying to make sure it is worth it.

I talked with one of the players for the Tuesday Night Poker game. It is tournament style with a buyin of $5 of Nickels. Play till someone has all the nickels. No blinds, just .15 cent antes. Sounds like fun. There is a tournament tomorrow night. That one is a $10 buyin. We play with $1500 worth of chips. The payout is 50%, 30%, and 20%. The Saturday Night one is $20 Buyin for $2000 in chips and the payout is the same. The highest for me so far has been 2nd place.

The Superbowl is almost here. I really don't care who wins since my Rams aren't in it this year. I will go and watch the game for awhile at a friends Birthday Party. I am hoping the Eagles can beat the Patriots. Last time I saw a spread the Patriots were -7.

Have a good evening.


I need to try and catch up on some writing.

The Poker game on Saturday night was fun. Out of 17 people that started I came in 5th place. Not bad. I played tight and only played the best hands. I never was chip leader but then I was always in the game. I lost a big share of chips on one hand that I was sure was good. The other person and an extra pair that was better than mine. On the next hand the same thing happened again. I was all in with what I had left and it didn' t work out. The pay was only for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. So close. I understand there is a poker game on Tuesday nights now. I may try to get into that one. I could play Tues, Friday and Saturday now.

I read a new book. I hate to read unless it is something on the Forex or something financial. I do like mysteries. This book was by John Grisham titled "The Broker". Good book. I am going to try and read a book once a month.

My trading with Forex. This week has been hard for me. No trades have been showing up. I am trading the trends and none are trending at this time. Some are close but not quite there. I don't like to trade on the first Friday of the month due to FA. I have lost on that one before. I tried to trade the FA's and it didn't work out. Too much bouncing back and forth. Right now I am watching EUR$, $CHF, GBP$. They are close but have not crossed the RSI of 50 yet to give me a signal of a trend.

I am still playing around with that madebig site. I play the lotto every day when I get home. I asked a couple of friends if they want to join and they didn't. I don't need this headache. I did this back in the early 90's and ended up with being in the NFL. " No Friends Left ". I don't want to do that again. I would much rather play poker, trade currency. My goal of being a full time trader is what I really want. I want to be able to trade and make a living at it. I am tired of earning a living for the company. Can it happen?