Monday, February 14, 2005

Travelling Weekend

We found out that my wifes father was in the hospital and so we travelled over the mountain to see him. The weather was nice for the trip. We had some snow up on the pass but other than that our day trip was fast and we accomplished what we set out to do.

I did not play any poker this weekend. Friday evening we went and watched the comedian Ron White. He was good and funny. I was disappointed in the seats though. We did have seats four rows from the front but when we got there Ron had told the coliseum that he did not want anyone sitting at his sides. So, they moved us to the back of the coliseum where it was hard to see him. It made the night a little bit harder to enjoy. Saturday was our day trip over the mountain. Sunday was a non action day.

I finished my second book for the month. Wow, two in one month. This one was called "Loaded Dice" by James Swain. He is a good writer. This was a mystery of sorts. He writes about Las Vegas and gambling with a twist on mystery. I ordered his other books since he is writing a number of books with the same players.

I was on the computer last night and all of a sudden one of the services that I pay for for Forex was going wild with orders. I got in last night and made a little bit of money. I usually do not trade on Sunday. I will wait till Monday morning to get started. It seemed the market was moving and it was time to get in. Lets hope for another week. I see that Greenspan is going to speak on Wednesday so we need to be careful on Wednesday.

Have a good day.

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