Monday, February 07, 2005

Had a Tired Monday

The Superbowl turned out to be a good game. I would have liked the Eagles to win but it really doesn't matter. How many Eagles fans betting in Las Vegas were happy? They beat the spread and still lost the game. They at least earned the money since they didn't get the bragging rights.

After the game a poker game was put together. Twenty one people showed up for a $20 buyin. The game lasted 4 hours and I came in 5th again. I know I can play with these people, I just need to finish it off. I tried to play tight throughout the night and I think it worked. I didn't play that way at the end. I needed some chips to stay in the game so I had to loosen up a bit. I played a QJo, but it was not enough.

Trading the Forex today was a good day. I went short on GBP$ and then went long on $JPY. When I got home this evening both were in the money. I followed them up with tight stops and when they reached the highest point with the RSI I decided to sell and take the profit for the day. So far for the week:

Weekly 142 pips
Yearly 299 pips

Heres for another good day.

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