Thursday, February 03, 2005

Another Day at the shop

Forex Trading: Another day of no trades available. Not a good week. I am waiting for something to trend. Of course I want to stay away from the FA for Friday morning. My guess will be the US$ will go down but I am not willing to put any money on it.

Went to dinner with a friend tonite to RR. We talked about the madebig shopping site. I have been playing the Win a Million Lotto. I play the 10 free tickets on a nightly basis. Even if I don't win at least I am getting points for every number correct and will be able to trade them in at some point. My wife purchased from JC Penny the other night and she will receive points and I will earn money for her spending money on the site. I love the Nachos and the Guacomole Hamburger. It is filling. I walked into RR tonite and the girl set me down at a table and I waited for the other person to show up. I was going to call him to see where he was at and he was in another part of the restaurant waiting for me. It was funny that we were waiting for each other in the same restaurant on opposite sides.

I am trying to figure out if signing on with FXtrainer would be worth it. I want to trade for a living and be home all the time. To be able to go when I want and travel. I spent $5000 with another company and it didn't help me. Now this one wants $2000 to help me and I am being a little more cautious and trying to make sure it is worth it.

I talked with one of the players for the Tuesday Night Poker game. It is tournament style with a buyin of $5 of Nickels. Play till someone has all the nickels. No blinds, just .15 cent antes. Sounds like fun. There is a tournament tomorrow night. That one is a $10 buyin. We play with $1500 worth of chips. The payout is 50%, 30%, and 20%. The Saturday Night one is $20 Buyin for $2000 in chips and the payout is the same. The highest for me so far has been 2nd place.

The Superbowl is almost here. I really don't care who wins since my Rams aren't in it this year. I will go and watch the game for awhile at a friends Birthday Party. I am hoping the Eagles can beat the Patriots. Last time I saw a spread the Patriots were -7.

Have a good evening.

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