Thursday, February 03, 2005


I need to try and catch up on some writing.

The Poker game on Saturday night was fun. Out of 17 people that started I came in 5th place. Not bad. I played tight and only played the best hands. I never was chip leader but then I was always in the game. I lost a big share of chips on one hand that I was sure was good. The other person and an extra pair that was better than mine. On the next hand the same thing happened again. I was all in with what I had left and it didn' t work out. The pay was only for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. So close. I understand there is a poker game on Tuesday nights now. I may try to get into that one. I could play Tues, Friday and Saturday now.

I read a new book. I hate to read unless it is something on the Forex or something financial. I do like mysteries. This book was by John Grisham titled "The Broker". Good book. I am going to try and read a book once a month.

My trading with Forex. This week has been hard for me. No trades have been showing up. I am trading the trends and none are trending at this time. Some are close but not quite there. I don't like to trade on the first Friday of the month due to FA. I have lost on that one before. I tried to trade the FA's and it didn't work out. Too much bouncing back and forth. Right now I am watching EUR$, $CHF, GBP$. They are close but have not crossed the RSI of 50 yet to give me a signal of a trend.

I am still playing around with that madebig site. I play the lotto every day when I get home. I asked a couple of friends if they want to join and they didn't. I don't need this headache. I did this back in the early 90's and ended up with being in the NFL. " No Friends Left ". I don't want to do that again. I would much rather play poker, trade currency. My goal of being a full time trader is what I really want. I want to be able to trade and make a living at it. I am tired of earning a living for the company. Can it happen?

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