Saturday, February 05, 2005


Forex Trading: I ended up not trading at all for this week. My results are:
Weekly Total 0 pips
Yearly Total 157 pips
I will try to trade this next week. I have talked about this before, I want to become a full time trader and be able to trade during the day. One of the requirements for that is to start making the money and then gradually leave my full time job. I have been in contact with three different full time traders and each say they would mentor me and teach me what I need to know. I have been trading with my live account and feel I just need a little push to get over the edge. Time is so hard to deal with. I guess we all have priorities in our lives that drive us. Money seems to be the biggest.

My weekly poker night did not turn out so well last night. I lasted less than an hour at the table. There were 14 in the tournament and I came in 13th. I had a pair of Q's and lost out. I played AKo and lost on that one as well. The only hand I won during that time was a full house. Some nights it just doesn't happen. Tonight is another poker event and I will attend it. This one will be a dealers choice night. I have never played one of these so it will be interesting. Also at the end of the night chips are counted and if you have any left you get to go home with some money.

Does anybody really care that the two parties Republicans and Democrats are still fighting about the governers seat here in WA. I can't believe with all the sophisticated equipment we have nowadays we can't even get an election right. We just waste time in the courts and money to play these games.

Tomorrow is the big day for sports. I thought it was interesting that Budweiser and Miller are having a battle for commercial time. Bud paid more money and Miller is not allowed to say anything bad about Bud in the commercials on Superbowl. Another instance where Money talks.

Have a good day.

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