Saturday, January 24, 2009


I visited the doctor on Friday and the lab personnel took the usual A1C test from me. You sit in the room and wait for the physician as well as the news of what your newest A1C is going to be. I figured it would be close to the last one which was 7.4 and that we would have to make some minor changes to the meds I take for Diabetes. Well, the news was not that wonderful. I was surprised to find out it was at 9.4. I was not expecting that.

Now I am on Novolog and Levemir for control of Diabetes. Today being the first day of the new regimen and 5 shots for the day. I would never have believed this day would ever come. Hopefully I can get my Blood Sugars down to a respectable 80 - 120 number and feel better.

We had the family over last night for dinner and that was nice to have everyone here except our one son and daughter in law who is in the Navy and she is in Spokane studying. Another year and they all will be around here. The five grandchildren are fun to have around as well. They grow up so fast.

May the cards be good to ya.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bring it on!

Revenge of the best kind.

Tonight I am sitting in seat number 1 at the heart table. In seat number 7 is the person that keeps getting the better of me. If I get those pocket Aces again I am definately going to play them differently. I can't let him keep walking over me.

I am slowly learning the players again at the Jokers Casino. It is nice playing so close to home as well. Some are tight, some are aggressive and know when to push and get you out of the hand. I tend to let my BB and SB go at times when the cards are just not the ones I want to play and someone has raised ahead of me.

The hand of the night. I have AA and seat 7 raises the pot to $400. I reraise to $800. I want the pot right now. He calls $400 more. Each time I put more money in the pot he keeps coming along. Has he picked up something and does he have a tell on me. I just don't think so. This time it is my turn. He turns over QQ's and I win the pot with AA's. I crippled him at that time. He did get some chips back but eventually went out. My nemisis is gone for the night. What did I learn from him? I do like his style of play.

The hand that took me out of the tournament. I had KK and again decided to go 3X the blind. I put in T$1800 in chips. After the flop he went all in and I followed with the rest of my chips. Again I am walking out of the casino after he came up with a straight on the river. So, on one hand I get the chips and then I go out playing the same way.

I have a hard time playing against the women in the tournament. I can't figure it out. Loose, tight, aggressive? There are about 4 or 5 that play regularly and it seems lately they are at the table I am playing at. I am going to have to figure them out. First of all I have to get to the final table with some chips. I have to keep at it. I need to play more hands.

I have a Wii WSOP poker game now. I am playing the tournament and trying to get points or chips to move on. Maybe get some help in playing hands. I watched Daniel Negreanu yesterday play online at Pokerstars. That was interesting to see him play on the internet. Of course you don't see what hands he is playing but you do get to see how he bets and in what positions.

Just having fun------

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back at Jokers

Position, Decisions and Greed

Last night I had the worst person I could have on my left. The previous week he made a good decision on a hand that just really hurt me. He plays very good and you can tell he studies the game. This week I had QQ and after I put in a raise he went over the top on me. I thought about my QQ's and figured he wouldn't push with a low hand and had AA's or KK's. I folded my hand. He had JJ's. That is what position will do for you.

When playing KQ and two people raise in front of you you have to figure someone has the better hand. I folded and when the hand played out the person with K7 won the hand with a pair of K's with a 7 kicker. A better decision and trust my gut in telling me they don't have a hand.

When playing AA and slowplaying them to allow more people in the flop to get more chips in the pot may not be a good thing. If I would have raised in the beginning and gotten it down to one player I probably could have taken the pot down. Would it have been for a lot of chips? No, but I would have still been playing. I wanted the big score and I wanted the chips that this hand could have given me. Instead I was walking out the door when I allowed him to get his flush on the river.

I don't consider these bad beats just the fact that learning from the hands you play and why you play them. I have come back to Jokers Casino and playing with the same group that I played against when I left this casino. They are now starting up the evening tournament again and this brings me closer to home. Hope they stay this time.