Saturday, January 24, 2009


I visited the doctor on Friday and the lab personnel took the usual A1C test from me. You sit in the room and wait for the physician as well as the news of what your newest A1C is going to be. I figured it would be close to the last one which was 7.4 and that we would have to make some minor changes to the meds I take for Diabetes. Well, the news was not that wonderful. I was surprised to find out it was at 9.4. I was not expecting that.

Now I am on Novolog and Levemir for control of Diabetes. Today being the first day of the new regimen and 5 shots for the day. I would never have believed this day would ever come. Hopefully I can get my Blood Sugars down to a respectable 80 - 120 number and feel better.

We had the family over last night for dinner and that was nice to have everyone here except our one son and daughter in law who is in the Navy and she is in Spokane studying. Another year and they all will be around here. The five grandchildren are fun to have around as well. They grow up so fast.

May the cards be good to ya.

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