Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Winter Blues

Since the last blog I have not been feeling well. Of course having to try and find out how much insulin is needed when I eat and taking the 5 shots per day and then having to do the blood sugar testing 6 times per day. I have to think though that there are people out there that are worse than I am and I need to look at this differently. This is something I need to work through. I have a saying I like to use and that is "Work the Solution not the Problem" I have to remember that and I will get through this.

I have changed my eating habits and trying to eat the right things. I have found out that any bit of Carbs affects me quite a bit. I then make a change and try again. I am one of those that if you tell me what to eat I will do it and then I have boundaries that I can live within.

I did play poker last week and it was not good. I decided to take a break and then I will try again maybe next week. I think I am trying to hard. I am putting more stress on myself to do well that when I think I have the best hand I implode not looking at the big picture. I have said you have to have patience. Position works well too. I am still wanting to play some cash games and see if I like that better than the tournaments. You never know.

I am home today again from work. I got a cold on top of the other stuff going on and so working from home was an option for me. Love computers.

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