Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cash Game

I played in the live game last night. $2 - $10 spread

What did I learn:

1) When you play just pay the $2 to see a flop no matter what 2 cards you hold. If someone raises the pot then go ahead and call the raise of $10.

2) After the flop go ahead and put in the $10 to see the turn no matter what cards you have.

3) After the turn if you still do not have a hand go ahead and call just to see the River card because you never know what will happen and you might get lucky and get a pair.

4) After the River card is out you might as well pay the $20 because it is the nice thing to do and helping your fellow poker player and you never know you could beat 2 pair with a straight.

5) Oh yes, and never play for 2 pair or the set because someone will always have a straight. Of course the two cards they are holding are a 3 and a 6 offsuit.

6) Don’t play for pairs always play for straights.

7) Of course you could always take your $100 you started with and just pass it around the table and then call it a night.

Ok, I played pocket pairs, I would get 2 pair, I played AK and got two pair and lost to a straight. I think everytime I lost was to a straight.

While I was there they were finishing up the tournament and at the final table there were 5 women and 1 guy. The dealers were saying they had never seen this before where the women were dominating last night.

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