Sunday, February 08, 2009

What a trip!!!

My brother and I were travelling together up a long winding road to the top of a mountain. It was beautiful knowing that when we reached the top the view was going to be some site to see. When we reached the top and parked the car we got out and worked our way over to the area where we could see the view. There was a fence up just on the other side of the path at the top. That is when we noticed that when we got closer to the edge there was no gradual slope going down on the other side but a cliff that looked like it went for a very long ways. Hence the fence.

Now I am afraid of heights and will not go close to the fence to look down. I had to work at flying years back. I can now fly since I do this for my job. I still do not like the take offs and landings. When the plane gets to flying altitude then I can settle down and I seem to do alright.

Back to the story. I was hesitating to look down the cliff and would not go near the fence. I especially do not like to have people behind me when I am in a situation like this. My brother, knowing my fear, then picked me up and pushed me towards the fence. When I reached the fence, I woke up and I was actually hyperventilating. What a scare for me. This dream seemed so real.

It has been a few years since I seen my brother but I will have to hit him when I see him next time. That wasn't nice of him to do that. He should know about that.

Poker tomorrow night.

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