Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Why do I keep doing this to myself?

I decided to play in the Jokers $20 tournament. Went in and paid the buy in and sat down at the table. Today I am in the number two seat. We have seven players at the table. Last week we ended up with just six.

We loose one player pretty quickly. Starting chip count is T$2500. I did win one hand during the tournament. I made some hands but someone had something a little bit better. I made a set, trips and another set and lost each one of them.

I did have AA twice and won with the first one and was taken out of the tournament in 6th place on the second one. The AA lost to a straight.

I have been watching the twitter accounts of a lot of he pros down in Las Vegas playing in the WSOP. How many tournamets they win or even if they get into the money is very rare. To me tournaments are fun to play but trying to grow the Bankroll it doesn't happen unless you hit a big tournament and make a big payday to help your cause.

I think this alone is making me steer myself more to playing the cash games. I really enjoyed myself in Yakima and may try the bus ride and spend about 4 hours at the casino. I could play in the afternoon and it looks like they have a $2-$4 or $3-$6 game going. I could play at night from 9PM to about Midnight at a $2-$20 limit spread game.

I like the thought of playing in the afternoon more and getting my sleep at night.

I am moving my Dad on Thursday and might be able to play this Friday. The big question now is whether to take the bus or drive.

BR: +$20

Have a fun week.....

Friday, June 24, 2011


Today this will be my 300th post to this blog. I guess it is sort of a milestone. This blog started out being about my writings on me working with the stock market and to see if I could make it in that field. I now have a blog at for that one. I then started to write about my poker playing in the home games and then I moved to online play and now in the Casinos. I haven't changed that and still use this one to write about my adventures in the Poker area.

I did start another blog talking about my Diabetes and what is happening with me. I do write in that one but maybe not as much. You know the confidentiality thing and I just don't want to be reminded sometimes. I know another surgery is coming around the corner and I try to ignore it as much as possible.

Ok, on to Poker. I have been talking about making a trip to Legends Casino and taking a look at their poker room. Today was that day. I left at around 1PM and arrived in Toppenish at around 2:15 or so. The last time I was in this casino was years ago and I was not impressed with the decor and the food was bad.

I walked into the Casino and it was nice looking. I walked from one end to the other just checking it out. They have added a whole new area with slot machines. Of course I have no interest in those games. The gaming area reminds me of Wildhorse Casino. They don't have a lot of tables but there were people at some of them.

I found the Poker Room. I went over to get my players reward card just in case I needed to show that to someone. I walked into the poker room which is segregated from the rest of the Casino. Basically it is in a room all to itself. There are 5 tables for Poker. At this time they were just finishing up a tournament and they had a $3-$6 Limit game going. I asked if that was the only game and at that moment that was it. I went ahead and bought into this game and sat down in the number 5 seat.

I sat and watched a number of hands before I decided to get involved. I lost a number of hands and at this point I am down 1/2 of my buy-in. Ok, time to get serious if I wasn't already.

I was dealt AK and the flop was Axx and these individuals were betting into me. Of course I hadn't shown that I could play. I ended up getting a nice big pot with this hand with just the pair of Aces.

The very next hand I received AK again. I played it the same way and everyone was putting money into the pot and in the end I had two pair with an A and a K showing. This hand sort of broke the ice with the individuals at the table for me.

I felt out of place with everyone at the table since they were all talking to each other and it was in Spanish. Sort of rude don't you think? I just stayed concentrating on my game either way.

The only other hand I won with was A2clubs for a flush when the river card came up clubs. Again each time I took down a nice pot.

At this time my chipstack is up +$60. I could have gotten up and walked out but then I didn't want to just hit and run. I stayed on and proceeded to give back $40 of it. It was getting to be time for me to drive home and be here when C got home. I left the table up +$20.

BR: +$40

It turned out to be a good week........

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The Jokers Casino started a tournament on Tuesday and Wednesday at 12:30PM. I have not played in this tournament yet and today seemed to be a good time to go in and see how the tournament is doing.

We did not get as many as they wanted but it was enough that we could have a game. I was very patient through the first couple of rounds and then started to open up with some cards. The other players were playing rather loose so I just stayed tight and when I had a hand would bet into them. They continued to play loosely and that helped me win some pots.

Overall it was a good tournament and I came in first and took home the money. When I look back at the tournament there is nothing really that sticks out about the cards I was dealt. I tried to read the texture of the board and did let some hands go when it looked like I was outdrawn.

BR: +20

Have a fun day.....

Monday, June 20, 2011


I was talking with a friend and fellow blogger about the proper way of getting out of a game when you haven't been in it very long.

I will usually try and sit in a game at least an hour. I know that if I bring in a big pot it isn't nice to just get up and leave. Then again I don't want to give it back either. I guess you could play very tight and after a period of time get up and leave. What is appropriate?

The purpose of any cash game play is making money. If someone is sitting down to play this game then I am sure they understand this. I guess I could loose the money just as well as making it and that has to be considered as well. I understand the theory that if the game is good then you should stay and keep playing. What if it turns and you start getting cards that are not helping you?

Interesting conversation about the proper way of dealing with this. What do you think?

Have a nice day....

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday at Jokers

I decided to play the 3PM tournament at Jokers today. I haven't played since April and I wanted to see how rusty I was going to be. I have been reading the two books one from Jonathan Little and have started the book from Annie Duke.

The book from Annie Duke is the one that probably has helped me the most today. The decisions we make and the guidance she presents in her book has been good. I am a person that likes procedures and I can follow procedures well. Having written them for my last place of employment and following them.

Having a more open mind and making proper decisions was my thinking today. I wouldn't say I layed down hands that I would have normally played but I did act on some of the ways Annie discussed about in her

I played 1010's, KK's and AJ and lost these hands early. I wasn't going to give up but I wanted to make better decisions in the end. I started
on a winning streak with AQ, 44, AA, 99 and then flopped a pair of K,s to take down some pots and get myself moving in this tournament. I continued to play some good hands and got myself to the final table.

I have always had 3 goals when playing any tournament. 1) Get to the final table, 2) Get to the Money and 3) Win the tournament.

My last hand I played tonight was Q10 on the button. The blinds were $1000 - $2000. Everyone folded to me and I bet $4000. The big blind called and we ended up getting all of the chips into the pot. He turned over 77 vs my Q10. The flop came xxx turn 10 and the river 7 for his set. Almost got there. I am out in 8th place out of 30 players. Top 3 get paid.

I am very happy with my play tonight and I don't think I could have gotten the BB out of the hand if I bet more. He thought about my bet but he was coming along no matter what.

One other interesting thing happened during the tournament. I had Q9 in position and during the hand I had the opportunity to bet and get him out of the hand. As I was pulling out chips I could see him grab his chips and start to look at them. I immediately put my chips down and checked to him to see what he was going to do. He decided to check and we ended up checking it down and I won the pot with Q9 to his Q3. I just wasn't sure what he was doing or if he had an over pair and was waiting for me to bet so he could raise me. I decided to keep the pot small at that point. The hand eventually was xQxxx. I could then see he had a Q and he was not sure what to do with his kicker.

I had a good afternoon and it was nice to get back to playing some poker.

I don't plan on playing many tournaments as I want to get involved with more cash games.

BR: -$40

Have a fun weekend......

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today I made a trip to Walla Walla to take a look at the Blue Mtn Casino. Here are a couple of pictures of the ride to and from Walla Walla.

It was a very sunny day and was a nice drive down there.

When I arrived I went straight to the casino and walked in the casino door. I stood there to let my eyes get used to the dim light and then could see the game tables. The hours are posted from 11AM to 7AM. I was there at 1145. No dealers at any tables.

I found a place to sit and ordered my lunch. I looked around the room and found the poker tables. There are two tables sitting by themselves in a walled off area. On the white board it said that there was a tournament at 1PM. It also stated they play a 4-8 limit game.

I decided to sit and eat my lunch and wait for the tournament to start and would decide if I would play depending on the amount of people.

At 1:10PM no one was there. Someone walked into the Casino and asked about the tournament and the server looked over at the tables and told him that no one was here and that the dealers hadn't even shown up yet. That was my clue that I would not be playing here since they didn't even have dealers.

At that point I just got into my pick-up and drove back home.

My decision will have to be if I want to play the 2-20 here at the local casino. If I do I will need to have some good advice on how to play this game and do well at it.

I have been reading Jonathan Little's book "Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker" and really like what he is talking about. Then I bought Annie Dukes book "Decide to Play Great Poker". This book is giving me things to think about. Not so much the rules but the decisions I need to make and why I need to make them. Very interesting read. I will definitely be reading this one a second and third time to digest as much as I can. Right now it is on my Kindle and will probably buy the book so I can mark the best parts.

Have a fun day.....

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm Back

I didn't have much to write about for this poker blog. It has now been over two months since I have played any game of poker.

Today I finally received my bankroll for the next step of my poker playing. I am now going to decide how to approach the game and then go forward from there. I am trying to decide if I want to take part of this BR an work on my tournament play or if I should put all of my efforts into the Cash Game.

I am leaning towards putting my bankroll towards the cash games and then any other cash I receive I can play tournaments. Making sure I keep both of them separate.

The decision I now have to make is about travel. Where do I play and what level do I play at. I would like to start at the $1-$2 and work up from there but that means I am travelling to Spokane. How often do I play? Those are the decisions I have to decide on.

Here we go.

Bankroll: $2,500