Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The Jokers Casino started a tournament on Tuesday and Wednesday at 12:30PM. I have not played in this tournament yet and today seemed to be a good time to go in and see how the tournament is doing.

We did not get as many as they wanted but it was enough that we could have a game. I was very patient through the first couple of rounds and then started to open up with some cards. The other players were playing rather loose so I just stayed tight and when I had a hand would bet into them. They continued to play loosely and that helped me win some pots.

Overall it was a good tournament and I came in first and took home the money. When I look back at the tournament there is nothing really that sticks out about the cards I was dealt. I tried to read the texture of the board and did let some hands go when it looked like I was outdrawn.

BR: +20

Have a fun day.....

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Aaron said...

Nice Job Steve!