Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Why do I keep doing this to myself?

I decided to play in the Jokers $20 tournament. Went in and paid the buy in and sat down at the table. Today I am in the number two seat. We have seven players at the table. Last week we ended up with just six.

We loose one player pretty quickly. Starting chip count is T$2500. I did win one hand during the tournament. I made some hands but someone had something a little bit better. I made a set, trips and another set and lost each one of them.

I did have AA twice and won with the first one and was taken out of the tournament in 6th place on the second one. The AA lost to a straight.

I have been watching the twitter accounts of a lot of he pros down in Las Vegas playing in the WSOP. How many tournamets they win or even if they get into the money is very rare. To me tournaments are fun to play but trying to grow the Bankroll it doesn't happen unless you hit a big tournament and make a big payday to help your cause.

I think this alone is making me steer myself more to playing the cash games. I really enjoyed myself in Yakima and may try the bus ride and spend about 4 hours at the casino. I could play in the afternoon and it looks like they have a $2-$4 or $3-$6 game going. I could play at night from 9PM to about Midnight at a $2-$20 limit spread game.

I like the thought of playing in the afternoon more and getting my sleep at night.

I am moving my Dad on Thursday and might be able to play this Friday. The big question now is whether to take the bus or drive.

BR: +$20

Have a fun week.....

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