Friday, July 01, 2011


I drove to Yakima Legends today to play in a poker game.

I arrived at the Legends at 2PM today and ended up waiting for an hour for a game to start. I signed up for the $3-$6 Limit Cash Game. It was nice to get started playing at 3PM. I knew I would only be able to play for an hour at that point since I wanted to get home before Cindy arrived home from work.

I have played a lot of Tournaments in No-limit and playing in a Cash Limit Game is really different for me. Last Friday I felt like fish out of water and was unsure how to play appropriately.

This week I knew what I was doing and I even came away from the session feeling better about what I am trying to do with the game.

It can be frustrating to have the best hand (AA) and not win because someone called all of my raises and beat me on the river for a straight. I can't do anything about that and that is part of the game. I have to continue to play my game and work through playing the best hands that I can.

I will work on my hand reading ability to see if I can see or forsee what the players are going for.

After an hour and a half sitting at the table I gathered my chips and cashed out for the day.

The drive home was fun as I went the back way to Prosser and then got on the highway and completed the journey.

Time: 1 1/2 Hours
Start: $100
End: $100
BR: + $20

Have a fun weekend.......

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