Sunday, July 10, 2011


Since my wife was making a trip up to Spokane for a class I decided to ride along and be dropped off at NorthernQuest and play some poker. I figured the bigger the Casino I would have more chances of getting to play in a Poker game.

We arrived at around 9:30AM and I went into the casino as Cindy took off for her class. I headed straight for the Buffet since I figured if I ate a big breakfast I could get past lunch and Cindy would pick me up around 4PM. This had the makings of a good long session for me to really check out my skills.

It was after 10AM when I was able to get my name on the board for a seat in the $3-$6 Limit game. My name was 5th in line. Since they had already started an Omaha game it was going to be slow in getting this new game started. They also had a Tournament going at this time so waiting for some of these people to bust out that could help our game to get

It was around 11AM when the game finally got 9 people signed up and they were ready to start the game. I exchanged my buyin for chips and sat down in seat number 9.

It was a few hands in and I got 55 and started betting and I was being called on all streets. The flop was xA5. I lost the pot to AA. Ok, not a good start but I was here for the duration and would keep going. I knew this time my constraint was time not the money that I bought in with. I just needed to play my game.

About 2 1/2 hours go by and I was down to one stack left and decided to rebuy in and keep it going. I new varience was going on and I needed to just keep playing through the hands. I decided to tighten my starting hands and see what would happen.

I did make one person go on tilt bad enough that he actually left the game and left the poker room and cash out. He was on the Omaha list but he didn't even do that. Another person early on in the game only played about 30 minutes just long enough to get his buyin back from the tournament he played earlier. At least he was honest about what he was doing.

Spending the 4 hours playing this game helped me to understand how to play this low-limit game. A lot of limping, calls and not very much raising going on. Looking to make something on the turn and river. I saw hands from other people where they would call down looking for the flush or the straight. I just refrained from playing that game and just watched.

At the end of the session I was able to stack my chips and go home a winner. I went and got a bite to eat at FatBurgers. Yummy good. Cindy came in and we talked for a little bit and then headed home. We both had very good days.

Time: 4 hours
Buyin: $200
Cashout: $240
Total BR: +$60
Per Hour Rate: $10

Have a good week.......

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Aaron said...

Great Job Steve, Keep it going