Monday, July 25, 2011


I usually stay out of the politics but this time I just don't understand. We really need a balanced budget. Now if my wife and I ran our house like the government runs the nation we could have a debt limit. Wouldn't that be interesting. We just don't have enough money to get through the end of the month dear. That's ok, we can just increase the debt limit and we should be fine.

We have worked hard to be somewhat debt free. Our house mortgage is the main debt. Actually that should be a good thing because in our lifetime we should be able to sell the house for more than we bought it for. Isn't that the way things are supposed to be for home owners?

Ok, I just read something else on the internet news wire. Now we have a US trucking company that has been supplying money to the terror network? My goodness people. Lets shut down the trucking industry. Put out the sign from the Attorney General and the FBI and whomever else that they are shutting this down. Isn't that what they did with online poker?

Sometimes you just get tired of all the BS that goes on around you and you have to just stand up and yell. What in the world are you doing?

If the government would bring back online poker maybe we could help pay some the debt that the government has gotten themselves into.

I need to go relax or stop reading all of the good news online.

Have a happy day.....

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