Friday, July 08, 2011

Friday July 8

I decided to let someone else do the driving today. I headed over to the pickup point for the shuttle to take me to Legends Casino in Toppenish.

I sat down on the bench and it was just a few minutes when I could hear the shuttle coming around the corner. The shuttle stopped in front of the Community Center and I walked slowly over to the shuttle door. As I was walking onto the shuttle the two women in the back of the bus started thanking me for coming today. Evidently they must pick up at least 3 people to be able to continue. I was that third person.

We did pick up one more person from Benton City and we were on our way. Today I was going to play some poker. We arrived at the Casino and I went inside and put my name on the list for the $3-$6 game. I noticed they had a list already for a $2-$4 Omaha game. I figured it would be like last week and by 3PM they would have a game.

I went off to the Buffet to get some food and found out I even was able to get lunch at a Seniors discount. Yes, anytime I can get stuff at a discount I am happy.

The day kept going and the game never materialized. I ended up going around the casino and found a Dueces Wild Video Poker and decided to put some money in it and play that for a while. I walked away the first time with some profit and that was fine with me. After checking again on the poker game which wasn't happening still, I went back to the Video Poker machine and kept playing.

It was now getting later in the day and I knew that even if a game was to start I was not going to be able to stay very long. The shuttle was going to leave at 5PM. I instead watched the card table game Ultimate Texas Hold'em. After a period of time watching I decided to try and play the game. Really, not a great idea for me. I really do not like table games and try to stay away from them.

I didn't do well and ended up stopped playing. It was around 4:30PM now and I knew at that point my day was not going to go as planned. At 4:45PM they announced the Tri-Cities Shuttle would be leaving at 5PM and that was my day at Legends.

The ride home in the shuttle was nice. It was good to have been driven to the casino and back home.

The game of choice in Legends in Omaha. If I want to play there I will have to learn the game. Tomorrow I am off to NorthernQuest in Spokane. I am hoping and am sure they will have a game I can play.

Have a good weekend.....

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