Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today I made a trip to Walla Walla to take a look at the Blue Mtn Casino. Here are a couple of pictures of the ride to and from Walla Walla.

It was a very sunny day and was a nice drive down there.

When I arrived I went straight to the casino and walked in the casino door. I stood there to let my eyes get used to the dim light and then could see the game tables. The hours are posted from 11AM to 7AM. I was there at 1145. No dealers at any tables.

I found a place to sit and ordered my lunch. I looked around the room and found the poker tables. There are two tables sitting by themselves in a walled off area. On the white board it said that there was a tournament at 1PM. It also stated they play a 4-8 limit game.

I decided to sit and eat my lunch and wait for the tournament to start and would decide if I would play depending on the amount of people.

At 1:10PM no one was there. Someone walked into the Casino and asked about the tournament and the server looked over at the tables and told him that no one was here and that the dealers hadn't even shown up yet. That was my clue that I would not be playing here since they didn't even have dealers.

At that point I just got into my pick-up and drove back home.

My decision will have to be if I want to play the 2-20 here at the local casino. If I do I will need to have some good advice on how to play this game and do well at it.

I have been reading Jonathan Little's book "Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker" and really like what he is talking about. Then I bought Annie Dukes book "Decide to Play Great Poker". This book is giving me things to think about. Not so much the rules but the decisions I need to make and why I need to make them. Very interesting read. I will definitely be reading this one a second and third time to digest as much as I can. Right now it is on my Kindle and will probably buy the book so I can mark the best parts.

Have a fun day.....

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Aaron said...

I have played in that 2-20 game slot, call me if you want to talk strategy