Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day Off

Friday was my day off and it was time to clear my desk of the mail that was sitting there. Paid some bills and just basic stuff.

It is nice to get one of these days and my schedule allows for one, working 2 straight and then working 3 in a row. Today is going to be long since we are going to have a 10AM, Noon and then a 3PM tournament. We will go from one to the next and we will be busy.

I started walking yesterday. I walked down to the drug store and back and then in the evening I walked about a mile. I got home and went right to the recumbant bike and put in a 3 minute 25mph ride. I want February to be my big weight loss and I will put the effort into eating better as well as the effort of exercise.

I did stop by the Casino to deliver seat cards that I had purchased for the poker room. Someone had already taken a card and we needed to get it replaced. Glad I had purchased 50 extra cards. I ended up sitting down at the $2-$6 spread game for $40 and ended up loosing that buy in. Mornings are not a good time for me to play and I need to recognize that and stay away from the game. Evenings are better for me and I can concentrate on what I am doing better.

Today I am back taking the bus to work. I like the time to sit and let someone else drive plus I am saving some money on top of that. Anytime I can save money I can put it into my bankroll to help it grow.

Have a good day......

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