Tuesday, January 31, 2012


During the day I read other blogs. I will read some poker blogs from people that will write about their lives and how they are dealing with the life of poker. This past couple of days I have read from two of them about having balance in their lives.

At that point you can't help but think about your own life and what you are doing. Balancing your poker life and your home life is something that we do on a daily basis. I think back at having a job that requires me to be their working for the bottom line of the company. We basically sell our time for a paycheck and by doing that we give 100% of our energy for the company to make money.

We also spend up to 40 to 60 hours per week doing this. Hopefully you are making enough money to survive all of your bills and setting money aside for the day you can retire.

I went through all of that and when the job was gone I had to think about who I needed to work for and how things would get paid. My wife works hard at her job continuing to work for the company. Myself, I also work but now I work in an industry that allows you to earn on your skill as well.

Dealing the cards in poker has been good and does bring in a little bit of money. It is not the 40 hours per week but it is fine. Where I put my other efforts is in poker playing in the cash games. I am not at the 8 hour per day but will play in 4 or 5 hour sessions two days per week. I am hoping I can get that up to the 40 hour per week. Right now the important part is building the bankroll.

Back to the beginning. Balance in life. For me poker is where I can earn some money whether playing or dealing. Family is also important to me and sometimes I don't feel I spend enough time seeing them. My parents are important as they are going through the senior years with health problems. There are so many things that pull on us that balance is important. Friends, Families, Jobs and our life beliefs need to be thought about on a daily basis.

Have a fun day......

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