Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I am trying not to play any tournaments and what am I doing? I played another tournament yesterday after I was done dealing the $2 tournament.

I know these are not productive and I need to just not play them. Either that or I should just play them for the fun of it and not put any pressure on winning any of them. Treat it as a way to have fun and nothing else. The other part of this is that it costs money and that comes from the bankroll. I want to keep the bankroll intact for the live games. Need to figure that out.

I have been reading "Decide to play Great Poker" by Annie Duke and trying to glean information that will help me play better.

What are my Poker Tools? Raising, Calling, Folding, Check Raising and Check Raise Bluffing. These are tools we have available to use in each hand we play. We also need to know the reason for our actions and why we are doing them. What are we trying to achieve in each hand we play? Right now the important part to learn for me is making the right decision at the right time.

I have to make goals when I play and need to reduce the uncertainty when decisions need to be made for myself. The other goal at this time will be to make my opponents decisions harder in relation to mine.

If I can introduce these things into my game and make them standard in my play then I can move on to the next part and learn some new things.

It just comes down to making the right decisions and reading the board.

I have been watching and following "The Dan Plan" blog. He is taking 10,000 hours of work on the golf course to become a pro. I have wondered what it would take to become a pro at poker and how many hours one would have to put in to make it become a reality. That would be fun to try and accomplish.

Off to work for another day.

Have a fun day......

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