Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Big Tuesday

Today is the day we have the bigger tournaments. At Noon today we will have the $25 and then at 6PM will be the $65 tournament.

I enjoy dealing the first one due to seeing a better player. I will watch their play and notice the cards they are playing when they are turned over. Of course that does help me in the end when I do get to play.

Last night I headed down to the casino to play some live. I did my usual buy in and started doing well. My chip stack was growing for the first hour or so and then the cards went cold. I was not getting anything to play and then when I tried to manufacture something it just didn't work.

I did stop play at my designated hour this time and was down half of my stack. I had an hour picked out as well as a dollar amount I would end my session with. I ended up reaching the time and I was $5 under my cutoff in money. I did have fun and that was important.

I have been working on my WSOP Academy book studying what I learned and going back through the information. I have finished the part of Pre-Flop play and will work with that in my games. I know decisions are important and also what to look for. Always learning.

Today we are supposed to have snow. We have had wind and I wonder if we are on the edge of the storm and it will miss us altogether. That won't make me sad. I would like to see some warmer weather and know that March is right around the corner. It would be nice to get our heat pump off of emergency heat.

Have a fun day.......

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