Tuesday, January 03, 2012

My Day Off

The day was spent catching up on some needed items. Take down the Christmas lights outside and put stuff away in the garage. I went into town to do some errands and some of the stores I needed were closed. I guess those items can wait for another day.

I decided to play live poker in the evening. I would like to do Sunday and Thursday evenings since I can stay later but right now it looks like Monday and Thursday may be my time to play. Monday will be the short session and then on Thursday I can do a longer session.

I didn't start out like I had planned and immediately went down a little bit in chips. I decided to start with $100 of my bankroll and let that go and see where the variance of the night would take me.

I was asked to help deal a tournament while I was there since they needed a dealer. That was some extra money for the chip stack and worked out well for me.

After the tournament I was back at the cash table. We played $2-$6 for awhile and then moved up to the $2-$10 level. I had now put in the extra $20 and I was now playing with $120. I was making hands but this night they were off by just one card. I ended up putting in another $50 to see if I could chip up before my session was over.

On this night I wanted to win big pots and loose small pots. It seemed I was going the other direction. I can take something away from this session and that is continue to read the cards and get away when I know I am beat and quit wanting to see the other persons cards just to see them. I know it is nice to see what the other person is playing but in this game I don't find people bluffing.

Today is the big day for the day crew. We have a tournament that brings in some good players and it is fun to deal to them.

Here it is the second day of the weight loss challenge and my weight is 227. There may be some changes to this challenge in the near future. There seems to be others that want to be involved with this and it could grow to be quite the challenge. Cindy purchased food so that we will eat more at home and not at restaurants so much. Restaurant food is easier for us since our schedules are so crazy right now. Just have to make this work.

Have a fun day......

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