Monday, March 30, 2009

Poker at Jokers

I haven't played in almost two weeks. I have been out of town and even tried to play in Spokane while I was there but was late getting to the casino.

Tonight I am back in Jokers playing the evening tournament. There were 30 individuals starting. I played with patience and played the best cards and did not over play any of the cards that I had. I had a number of pocket pairs and I did let quite a few of them go because I was not in position and someone raised the pot after the flop.

I did make it to the final table this evening. I like the final table because anything can happen. You just have to give yourself the chance to move up in chips and get some cards that will help you. I had to tell myself a couple of times to remain patient and not move all in just because I felt I was getting low on chips. Keep playing and when I played correctly I kept adding to my chip count.

I ended up in 4th place tonight. I did make the buyin back so I got to play the tournament for free, so to speak. I missed the bigger money by just one spot. At that time the blinds were 3000/6000 and only had enough for two rounds. I had K7 and the person that called me had Q7 and he got the Q on the flop.

I feel very good about my play tonight. Patience and Position really played a role for me tonight.

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