Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting Ready

Why do I hate to go to the dentist? That word is so strong and I don't like to use that word. Everytime I go I say to myself that I have been going to the same one since 1983 and he has never hurt me. Everytime I get a little bit of pain he takes care of it and I can continue.

Back when I was a young kid my parents would take us to a dentist near Palm Springs. I can remember what his office looks like. The brick glass and even how the dentist chair and office looked. I would sit in the chair and he would take his tools of the trade and then start to work on my teeth and take care of the cavities that I had. I would wince in pain some times and then he would stop look at me and tell me to stop that because this did not hurt and if I continued he would slap me. Is that why I don't like to go to the dentist? Is this in my mind and everytime I go I expect to be hurt and I am supposed to get through this? I get worked up just thinking about going and my day is just lost afterwards because I am so tired trying to get through this. Here I go again.

I have been playing quite a bit of poker lately. Mostly cash game trying to learn something new. I need to play more tournament right now since I have a game on Sunday in Pendleton and the Wildhorse Casino. I am looking forward to the tournament and hoping I do well. I am going to only play in one tournament for the Spring Tournament unless I cash in this one.

I was at the doctors yesterday and he said I was doing well with my diabetes. My A1c was at 7.4. This is alot better than the 9.4 a few months ago. I am increasing my insulin a little bit to see if I can get my FBS down a little bit more. I do well with the Lunch and pre Dinner. I have to work on the food part of it just a little bit more. I don't mind the foods that I am eating. Maybe even develop some new tastes. It's all about the numbers.

Spring is here and now the yard has to be mowed and watered. The seed I spread out in the backyard is now starting to sprout and grow. Will need to water the backyard as well now. Since our dog passed away the yard in the back is coming back around.

I also need to continue to work on my Certification for A+. I am headed to Spokane in another week to finish the class work and then its the tests. I really need to study some more. After the tournament I will turn my attention to that.

A lot to do and little time.

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